Friday, March 31, 2006

New LO!

Good morning!  Overcast and grey here, and just a little cool, quite nice!  I completed another Lo yesterday, another one dayer!  Very exciting (for me at least)  I like feeling productive!  This one is a boy one.  Poor Denver not too many n his direction, compared to the lovely pink pages I am addicted too.  Two years of blue, green and orange have ruined it for me.  Mazzie gets all these lovely pink pages.  On the other hand, Denvers pages were all about recording milestones, and How wonderful it felt to be his mum etc.  Mazzies are mostly just pretty compared to his album of his first year.  I must force myself to do more on her acheivements and stages, as she will probably be the one more likely to be sentimental about all this stuff than Denver.  I may be wrong, there certainly are boys who are interested in their childhood stuff.  My DH is not one of them!!!  His Mum has given us some little toys that he had when he was little, and they are a little rickety, but DH doesn't mind Denver playing with them unattended and he has damaged them.  I tried to put them up, for him to appreciate when he is older.  Oh well!

Here's the page anyway.  Basic Grey and 7 Gypsies PP, 

Whatsinaname_1 It was a fun page to do,  I feel like it was recording him growing up!  He gets all his nicknames from his Dad basically.  Both DH and his Dad have a quirky humour, and I can already see it coming out in Denver!  Too cute!

I like using more than one picture of the same session cause I feel gives a bit more insight into what I am trying to record.

I really like red as an accent at the moment too.  This page has a bit more than 'accent' red though!

Well I would like to head downstairs today too but I have several things that need to be done before tomorrow, and a couple of loads of washing...and some housework...So maybe I wont make it into the scrap room today!

Thanks for taking a look!

Lydell x

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back to normal!

Well, what do you know....I lived through it!!!  I have a husband and mobility!  It actually took a bit to accept DH home after all that.  With the tricky time I had with sickness and back problems I think I must have been a bit resentful.  It took me a while to get back to normal.  Until the last few days I had everything under control and in order, more than when DH is home.  I was lots more organised and felt very in control.  I think when John is home I expect him to do some things and when they don't get done I feel annoyed and don't do them myself just on principal.  So things aren't always in their place.  (My DH gets something out and just can not return it to it's place!)  This gets me grumpy cause I feel I am picking up after 3 kids.  When he was gone though, I did do everything and made an effort to put stuff away as they were used and the place was spotless for 2 1/2 weeks!  Lovely!  (Apart from being lonely i had everything under control,  Nice feeling!)

Like I said though...Things are back to normal.  Dh took some days off to help with the little ones and I am able to lift Mazzie (very carefully...but I can!) Denver is in Day care today, so it is 9.30 and the house is relatively tidy!  I have been watching Nick JR all morning, but at least Mazzie is playing quietly.  Usually when Denver goes to day care Mazz is very clingy and I still can't get anything done!  So far so good.

Anyway I must thank everyone who bothered to comment over the last few weeks.  You probably don't realise how much I looked forward to checking my blog every day when DH was away and how much it altered the start of my day to find people I have not met caring enough to take the time to write a note!  So thankyou to those people.  You all made a difference!  Most of all though I want to thank Janine, She was the one person who made a constant attempt through out the time John was away to come visit and have us all over for dinner.  She organised to come over so I had some adult interaction several times and rang often just to check I was ok.  I so appreciated it.  Everyone else was worried about catching the flu ( which with little kids is very understandable...Just very unfortunate timing!)  But Janine came anyway.  It meant a lot to me,  so thankyou very much Janine

You helped make the time John was away barable! (XXOO- big hugs for you!)

Ok...I have a child crawling all over me and I have to delete un-needed letters every few words I write as she is 'helping' So I had better finish up.

Have a good day all!

Dell x

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's happened again!

Well....I am flat!  I have had a recurring back problem for years now, and every now and then ( becoming more frequently these days) I end up on my back unable to move.  It makes you realise how much we rely on our backs for almost every move, and how much we should appreciate good back health!  I have a wonderful Chiropractor that has fixed me fairly quickly ( in the scheme of things) every time this has occurred for the last 4 times!  the last time, I was very pregnant with Missy Moo.  But...I am  still very resentful, that in order to keep this at all under control, there are things I just can not do, and I have had to come to terms with the fact I have to go to the Chiro once a month.  Grrr.  This time is not as bad as others, but I still had to call Mum and plead for assistance with a three YO and a 16 mth old.  I can't do much at all to keep this household running!  Cant get down to change nappies, lift Moo into her high chair or in or out of her cot.  Can't stand to help her eat, let alone get food!  John doesn't get home until Thursday ( So yes....on the home stretch with lack of husband issue!!)  So poor Mum, ( with back problems of her own!) is trying to look after her grandbabies and gets the very next Chiro appointment after mine each Time I go!

So that has been my week since Saturday so far!  can only get better from here!!! (hopefully)

Have a great week everyone reading this!

Lydell x

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Woohoo!!!!!  Got an E-mail today from 'For Keeps' accepting a LO I submitted....Not for what I submitted it for, but I don't care 'bout that!  Very excited.  I keep saying it's my first, but I do have one going in the 'Awards for Excellence book'  But for some reason, ( can't tell you why...)  I am much more excited about this!!!  Issue 44 for Handmade embellishments!  Now that I have sung about this, back to normal everyday stuff!!!  I checked out the ISC classes tody, now just got to decide which ones to do!  This is all very exciting too!  I get to leave my babies for a whole weekend and go scrappin'  ( Saying it like that makes it sound awful to me...I'll have to rephrase it I think I'm starting to feel guilty!)  I have not been away from them, except to work at my LSS teaching classes etc.  And one evening My Mum looked after them while DH & I went on a houseboat for the evening for a 21st.  I think about it too much and start to think...How can I leave my babies for that long???Oh dear....Will have to get past this!  I am going! 

Well DH has just called, and arrived safely in London.  Wont be getting too many things from there.  Terribly expensive compared to the US.  He has bought me some 501's and was supposed to visit a SS for me.  Told him I'm into alphabets at the moment, dropped him a few brand names!!!  We shall see!  It is mid day there and an hour to midnight here.  Easier to work out the time difference now!

Anyway....Best get to bed...Kids are recharging as we speak!

Night x

Friday, March 17, 2006

Try again....

Well I am still mad that I have to type this again!!!

Anyway.  My little Moo fell off a barstool on Tuesday.  Just awful.  Raced around the breakfast bar to pick her up and there is blood everywhere.  When I finally soaked it all up and could see inside her mouth, I could see that she had bitten her tongue severely.  I had no idea tongues bled so badly.  We spent the next few hours up at the hospital.  Poor little girl, it was around her bed time and she had such a sore mouth, she cried and cried (after grinning to all the admin people when we checked in.)  Made me so sad.  She was coping ok.  but Mum wasn't... I could have cried!  I am a mess when my kids hurt themselves, after the fear has passed I am just so sad they have to feel the pain.  Little man D got his finger stuck in the door (on the hinge side) the other night and I could not tell whether to open or close the door to make the crack wider to get his little finger out.  He screamed and screamed.  When it was all over I just cried! 

Anyway Doctors said they can not suture the tongue and it should heal on it's own.  Wish I knew that before I sat (or rather paced) with a baby for hours!

So apparently, unless they are bleeding from the nose or ears, or showing other wierd symptoms,  accident and emergency can't really do anything with a bitten tongue!

I did a LO today.  It's always a challenge to see how quickly I can do a LO.  I see all these blogs where these wonder women have children and probably a day job (although the kids at home is a day job to me!!!) and they have beautiful Lo's coming out of their ears!  Like the amazing Kiesha.  I so love her work at the moment, it really grabs me.  But every time I look at her blog there is not one new LO but 2 or even more!  Incredible.  Can not seem to do this!  I will strive.  I don't have too many deadlines though, that could make a difference!

I did do some submitting today.  I have decided to put myself out there a bit more, mainly for work's sake, but I know it could make me a little more confident with myself, on the other hand it's a gamble, cause it can diminish self confidence just as easily I would say!  I would imagine too many with no responses or knock backs would not feel too good!  Anyway I have bitten the bullet, and have started emailing LO's into mags!   Wont expect too much!

Ok, Here 'tisWhat_an_effort

Again no patterned paper.  Have been avoiding it lately,  just does not go with what I see in my head!  Bit odd!

I love paint and fine detail, and stitching and flowers and dimensional seeming to go back to the same methods that are my favourites.


So Yep...I am proud.  This is the product of Thursday!And I had two little ones all day too, so I didn't work on it non stop.  Just headed downstairs about 3 times during the day.  (LO's can take weeks in this household!!!)

Well might do a little surfing before I head off to bed.  This is the end of Day 9.  Doing very well!

night all xx

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day 7 and counting....

Day 7...It has not been too bad I guess.  Another 9 days to go!  I have been keeping busy.  The kids have been good so far which has been great, I anticipated the worst, but they have been very easy to get along with.  D has caught my cold, and even with this he has been good for me,  and he has potential not to be!!!  I am very proud of him, (and relieved!)  We tend to clash.  He does not respond well to authoritarian parenting and that's what I am....So Dr. Phil says!  We bought his 'Phenomenal Family' book and it is just tremendous!  Starting at this age, and moving through till when they may leave home....Gives me hope that I could just end up with a child who wants to be at home with us at 15, not wishing we weren't his parents!!!  It's a scary thought.  I don't want to think too much past 3 at this point!

Anyway, first LO completed since John has been gone.  Thought I would get sooo much done while he was away, but last night was the first time I went down stairs to scrap since he has been gone.  Just couldn't go down there by myself.  Sounds rediculous.....

She Lots of sewing on this one.  Hours and hours in fact.  A project I started mid last year.  I did all the sequining and beading around the corner first, then it sat in Madam Moo's album for ages.  I just got it out a fortnight or so ago and did a bit more playing.  DS then drew all over the bottom corner of it with his favourite coloured texta....BLACK!  Which was just lovely.  I am always up for a challenge, and it has happened before,  DS loves drawing and mummy's scrapping!!!  So I added a few layers or white paint, and strategically placed the photos, and voilla...You would never know!

I am fairly happy with the results.  It was very therapeudic to do!Beading Beading2 Well must go start this day.  L xx

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well it is Saturday morning here, Friday evening in Washington.  I have just uploaded a few extra photos for my DH.  Can't get fresher than these.  Taken about 10 minutes ago!  I have worked out how to use the timer button on the camera.  Worked ok....Just need to work out how to take pictures of the children now, both just want to come around to the back of the camera to see the picture I am taking through the screen.  Not at all conducive to good photos!!!


I am on the sudafed again this morning.  J knew when to leave!  I wondered whether D was getting sick today.....So grizzly.  Just not himself.  It may be just me feeling awful though and getting rattled easier!

37 degrees here today.  Had the air conditioning on all night, it made it quite cool.  It's nice inside at the moment.   But it's only 9:35 am!

Well Little man D is repeatedly asking for a 'cuddool'  (cuddle)  So I had better go give him one!

Bye xx

11 to go!

Today was not too bad.  I have caught the flu, which is always nice when your home alone with the kids.  They were very good though.  We went out to get some 'supplies'.  I have had Denver sleeping next to me in our room ( on a fold out bed on the floor)  He has trouble sleeping on his own in his room.  I pulled the bed apart today and thought I would give it another go to get him to sleep in his room.  He is so scared of 'monsters' that he wont even use the main bathroom anymore because his bedroom door is right next to the bathroom door and when the roller shutter is down in his bedroom, the doorway is black.  He has to use my ensuite!  I have told him over and over that there are no monsters, they are only on tv.  But he is certain there is and they are hiiding anywhere dark.  Anyway I thought I might get his a new lamp, maybe a buzz lamp if I could find one....He was very excited by the prospect so out we went.  There were no Buzz lamps, but I did find a rope light, that hangs from the ceiling.  So we got that instead!Night_lights

It really isn't quite as bright as this photo suggests.  It is quite a nice ambient glow.  He was happy to stay in there at bed time.  Have only had to put him back once so far and it is 11.30pm....Not too bad!  Tonight will tell.

Well my DH is going to some friends he meets up with each time he is in Washington, for dinner tomorrow night.  They look after him each time he is there, and he is using my blog to show them some more recent photos of the kids.

So lots of kind regards to the Nichols family in Washington.  One day we will actually meet!  I get more and more jealous each time J goes overseas.  I would really like to see Washington for myself.  I got very excited of the prospect of living there for a year....But that fell through.  I don't think I would be brave enough again.  But I would certainly like to see The states.

Anyway...Day three down.  11 more to go!  Yay.  I cleaned once the babes had gone to bed tonight.  Nice clean floors again.  J should be proud of me.....There was water all over the floor in the bathroom tonight. I had been accusing Little man D of wetting the toilet mat when ever he has 'gone'  but all the mats were soaked this evening.  I checked and found the very slow drip behind the bowl.  I checked for anything untoward, then reached behind and tightened a joint thingy up, and it stopped the drip!  Yay....Dreaded calling the plumber!  The weekend and all.  I imagined spending the weekend up to my ears in soggy towels trying to keep the water from flooding the house!

I wont even need a husband if he is away for too long!  LOL.  (Just kidding J.)

Well should go to bed!  Getting late and I am getting a little weary.  I took some sudafed about an hour ago, and they are having some effect I think!

Well DH if you read this....I love you.  Stay safe,

Ps.  Mazzie saw a man walk past her at the shops today, and must have thought is was you cause she started yelling out hysterically "DADDY, DADDY"  I had to soosh her!  They miss you.  The helicopter that was flying over our house this morning, was "going to the helicopter port to pick up my friend daddy " today!  He does not get why you dont just come home.  He has been to the stairs twice today cause he thought he heard the door and 'Daddy was coming home'!...

Night anyway....

LCQ xx

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Day 1 with out Daddy.

Needle_box Completed this today.  Not a hard project, but it will do a job that will make my life easier.  I love pretty things, but I love things that look pretty and are useful.

So janine you will be happy that it is finished by today, and that the first thing I did was to photograph it and put it on my blog!!!

My dear other half flew out this morning for Washington.  He has learnt something from all the times he has been away and not called when he said he was going to and had an almost hysterical wife on the other end of the phone when he did call home.  He called at 9am to let me know he was in Sydney.  Good boy!  I am a worrier!  I think the worst, even though I don't really believe anything is wrong, I play events out in my mind...'What-would-I-do?' kind of thing, which is awful.  Logically anything that could happen could happen as easily here at home, but it feels worse from the other side of the world. 

Day 1 has been ok so far.  I have been planning and setting things up, so i am not alone for too many days!  Lovely Janine is visiting with her boys in about an hour to wear out my two so they will go to bed easier!!!  Denver loves these kids coming to play. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

B_yourself750 Ok...Not totally sure how this works.  It is a bit diferent than my last blog to upload photos.  Will see if this works!

This is a LO that is branching into the bright colours, that I have always steered away from!  They are becoming increasingly attractive to me.  The photos are some I ttok of Missy Moo when she was climbing the stairs and they are a bit blurry, but I love them...I kept them smallish and they don't look too bad!

Maya Road flowers and dimentional fluid, jigsaw letters (MM ) and more domensional fluid!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Right that's it!!!

Ok, I changed something in the configuration section, hopefully NOW it will allow comments. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2006


What a busy day!  I have completed another thing that I need to this week before we all head off to Sydney!  I have a list as long as my arm!!!

I have just been trying to find out wht my site is not allowing anyone to leave comments.   A bug in the system!  I have been everywhere and have learnt just a little bit more tonight about web sites!!!  Hopefully now it will co-operate.  I had wondered if it was anything to do with the fact that I keep getting messages saying that because I have been tempted by the '1 month free' that until I offer to pay the second this FREE period is over, they can not promise uneventful running of this blog!!!  So I guarranteed payment if I decided not to pay by the 31st day.  ( as if that is going to happen with all the EFFORT I have put in to getting to know the workings of this site.  I was not too far from computer illiteracy!  So I am in it for the long haul!!!)

Anyway sorry for the people who I know tried to make me feel good by leaving a comment!!!

Maybe now better luck!