Wednesday, April 5, 2006

A little on the tired side!

Tuesday today...Thought it was Wednesday, even told Denver that Auntie Janine, Lachlan, Cameron & Ethan might come to visit...Then realised it was not wednesday and had all sorts of screaming and gnashing of teeth explaining it would be tomorrow, not today!  Oh dear...not off to a good start!  It's the end of the day now....It got better for a while, when My in-laws dropped in, the kids were very excited....But down hill from there!  We are all tired.  I am having this thing at the moment where I am laying awake for hours in the middle of the night.  I usually sleep!  it's driving me batty! 

Anyway, on the other hand I did finish a LO for a class at Scrapbook Station.  It will be a fun one.  There are several 'artistic' techniques involved and it should be fun. Lots of preparation on my part to fit it into 2 hours but I like doing classes that give people a lot of information, to use on future pages.  This one uses all the things I really love at the moment.  Paint, lettering, chipboard and paint!   mmmm.


Anyway DH just made me a coffee...Might just go and relax with it for a sec, before I need to get ready for feeding time at the zoo.

Bye x