Monday, July 28, 2014

My Creative Scrapbook Tutorial - Using Packaging

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Have you ever really looked at the packaging that your scrapbooking products comes in?  More often than not, if you get creative, you can utilise the packaging in your projects..... Some companies these days even make the packaging pretty for the purpose of incorporating in your art.  (Green is good! Reuse & recycle :-))

Today I am sharing with you some ideas on using some packaging in some interesting ways, just using the packaging that came in the main Kit this month!

I pulled out all my goodies that came in packages....Die cuts, The Stencil, The flowers....etc

The most basic is punching these little circles.

a couple of different packaging samples.....  

Run each one through the sewing machine using a continuous straight stitch.

They make sweet little banner accents

These little circles can be the centre of flowers also, just add a few little rhinestones, or some glitter.....

The next is a step further than this idea, and it is to cut out leaf shapes.

 Just rough leaf shapes about an inch long.....

again run continuously through the sewing machine using a straight stitch.

Another project life card, (I had a left over die cut flower on my desk that matched the paper in the kit, so I grabbed it, added the badge and a couple of leaves.....finished.)

The next one is kinda fun!  There were foam dots holding the badges on in the main kit this month. 
 I peeled them off.....

I found some more circle foam dots in my foam tape stash.  I found two sizes.

I had a piece of perspex in my drawer and I arranged all these on it in a pleasing design.  (You could also use the heavy plastic in the bubble pack packaging of many items, as your stamp base)
Being double sided foam tape the side facing out is also sticky.....I got rid of this by pressing it into the (clean) carpet a few times to remove the stick.  You could also dust with a really light dusting of talcum powder.....

I inked it up with some distress ink that matched the kit Papers and stamped a repeating pattern on a sheet of white card.  Perfect for PL cards, or tags...etc.

Really cool!!!!

The last idea is the one I normally go to with the packaging, and it is just arranging layers of die cuts and Pieces, with packaging card with the hanging tab cut out in the top.  I love the look of this hanging tab cut out in layers on my pages, just peeking out behind layers!  
Makes a really good base to your photos and a good kick start to your next page!

Go a step further, use stamps or stencils and create patterns on the back side of packaging.  
This works best if its plain on the back. (no printing)
Use this as another patterned paper element in your layering.

So maybe you should give your packaging a second look before you throw it away, 
just in case you can incorporate it in your next project!!!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Creative Scrapbook July Main Kit

Here are my Main Kit Projects for the Month of July.  I got quite a lot out of this Kit.  There's a tutorial which will be up towards the end of the month too, on using your packaging in your work!
So here are the projects.

Layout 1. "These Kids..."

Printed paper background, 3x4 pieces cut from another sheet, Stickers, flowers, diecuts and ribbon with alphas from the kit.

Layout 2  "Happy"
Nice and easy one.  Stencil from the kit with distress Ink, various pieces cut from 
Patterned paper in the kit, Die cut and badge, with alphas.  
I hand stitched some designs on with cotton thread.

Layout 3  "#takeapic"
Patterned Paper background, Strips of Patterned paper woven  together as a photo base and stitched with a sewing machine.  Die cuts, Stickers, chip pieces and alphas, punched hearts painted and added

Layout 4 " Forty One"
 Stencil patterned in the background.  Fussy cut flowers from Patterned Paper, Diecuts, stickers, 
Badge ribbon and alphas all from the kit.

Project Life Spread  "Week 15" Side A
Super simple one this week using Patterned Paper, die cuts, stickers and Alphas.
When you are trying to catch up quick and easy is great!  (The MCS kits are fabulous for this!!!)

Side B

Well thats all from me today.  If you haven't already, check out the Gallery for all the amazing work from the MCS Designers this month!

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My Creative Scrapbook

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Creative Scrapbook Tutorial

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I am sharing a mini album I created with the Main Kit for last month   It is such a bright and pretty Kit and is perfect for a simple mini album, for some fun summer photos or for a sweet little gift for a friend.  This particular little on is for my little girls friend for her birthday.

Heres the little album

It is a little Match Book album, and is super simple to make

Here's How I did it, so you can make your own!

Cut a strip of patterned Paper for your cover, which measures 4 " x 10.5 "

Score at 1".
Score at 1 1/8"

Score at 5 7/8"
Score at 6 1/2"

TIP-  If you want to make a rounded spine...... score at every 1/8" between the 5 7/8" and the 6 1/2" scores, that way the spine will curve around the fatter end of your pages inside your booklet.

Crease and fold all score lines
Ink edges front and back

Cut Pieces 3-7/8" x 4-6/8" from any coordinating pages in your kit.  (all double sided papers)

TIP- cut strip 4-6/8 x12" and then trim at 3 7/8" and you will get three pages per strip.
Less paper waste.  Keep your offcuts for embellishing

Score at 7/8" on the short side.

Fold creases and round the outer corders if desired.
Ink each page front and back.

Flip through the pages and arrange how they look nicest together in book format.

On the cover piece......measure roughly 7/8" in from each end of the scored edge and punch small holes in the middle of the strip. 

Slip your pages under the strip and use the cover as a guide to mark all the pages. 

Punch all the holes using a small hole punch.  I used a crop-o-dile.
(dont punch through the back cover though)

Using a large decorated brad from the Kit, attach all your pages together.


Now its time to decorate and embellish.
Then you can add your photos!

Here it is embellished!

So thats it for today!
Hope you give this sweet little book a try.  Nice and easy, and quick!
Lovely combination!

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