Monday, October 8, 2007


I can't believe my Baby Girl is three!  It has gone so fast.  We celebrated her birthday on Saturday with family.  It was nice.  Lots of work, but it was nice.  I have a couple of photos to share, for the benefit of other family who could not be there, and some work I have done recently.  So here are some pics.Mazzie Cakeweb

GrinMazziebirthday_2She enjoyed herself anyway!

As for Layouts....I have done a few.Formaldinner  Closeup

This was my first attempt of using paper napkins/surviettes (?) to create paper, using liquitex medium to adhere the tissue to the cardstock.  It certainly is fun, and I will do it more!

Beginweb This one is a very simple one for the beginners class at Scrapbook Station.  We will do the LO first, and then try several techniques on smaller projects. 

The Contacts one is a little flip album which sits on your bench for Phone numbers and addresses.  It is also a class.                     


The blue one is another class using one of my favourite boy quotes! Certainly suits my boy anyway!!!

Well that's it for now,  I can tell you though, that when your scrap space is shared with your living space and you host an event of some kind, and are expecting people, you tidy up any residual mess left by previous scrapping projects....So I now have this perfectly tidy scrapping table!  Just lovely to get onto another project!

See you again soon x