Sunday, June 27, 2010

Palette Release #12 {Family Room} Due BEFORE July 2

We are up toPalette #12 this week!  Time is Whizzing by!  I have yet to do my own LO for this one, but I will pop the palette in anyway!
Cool Colours Huh!  
I have a LO in pieces sitting on my table as we speak......
Have a great start to your week!
Ammended to add.....finally did finish!  Here is how it turned out!

Palette Release #11 {Sun Room}

Here is Palette #11!  In the Sun Room again.......bright and airy.  Lovely Colours!!!

And here is my LO using these colours!

This one took so long.  I loved the colours, but it just did NOT want to come together!!!!  I redesigned it a million times before I finally started sticking down! Very Frustrating!
In the end I just stuck stuff down and this is what it came out like.
The pinky coloured background started out a flourescent orange before I got to it with white paint, texture paste and glimmermist.  You can see tiny bits of the orange cardstock peeking through!
Glad this one was done in the end......was a little sick of the sight of it!!!!!

Layouts for

Just adding in the last couple of challenges I ran on Scrapz in the last couple of weeks.  My term with them is up at the end of June.

 and the Sketch to go with it

And the sketch......

A Scrap it Blind Challenge

A 'What's Cooking?' Challenge.

I think thats about it for layouts in the last few weeks, I have made a few cards which I will get too soon.
My time with Scrapz.Biz, has been fun.  It has certainly gone very quickly, probably because we were always very busy. 

Next Palette Release...

Hey there.  Another week another palette!
We are up to Palette #10 this week.......Check it out!

"His Room"

Such fresh lovely colours!........Here are my efforts playing with these colours......

Sunday, June 6, 2010

#9 is up.......

#9 and we are in girls room again.

Fun fun fun!......problem is I am out of photos......I really need to take more!  i have been scrap scrap scrapping with my photos getting sparcer and sparcer.  Now I am down to the last few!!!!!  Tried to go out and take some today, but it started raining.  Not at all ideal, and ruined all my plans!

Ok.....The Palette!!!!


See....what did i pretty. 

Just some food for thought......One of our very talented ( and I mean VERY......after you hear this you will understand!!!!)  liked this so much she decided, that even though she does not have girls to scrap, to challenge herself to create a boy LO with these colours........I was in doubt, but the challenge was made.....and by golly she only did it!  And with LOADS of success!  See Here what Kathie Link managed to pull off!  I am in awe!  

So good news if you dont have girls to scrap, if you are ever so clever you can actually succeed in a boys LO for Her room Palettes!!!!

Mine however was a straight girls page!



Ok.  Thats pretty much it now!  Must get on to the next projects now......Have a great day everyone!

Palette #8......Family room and oh so pretty!

I adore this picture.  So luxurious and gorgeous!  I drew the sketch to match, abundant and with greenery due to the two greens in the palette!  I had a distinct picture in my head for this one, which is why my sketch matches my LO perfectly!  No changes!  A straight copy!


My LO.......


A photo of both Janines and my own little girl!  So sweet!
Crumpled background sheet and painted with Windsor and Newton Irredescent medium.  The leaves were stamped on patterned paper and clear embossed.   I enjoyed the details in the making of this one.  Very relaxing!


Very enjoyable and I like the result.  the purples and greens together was very pretty and a very easy one to work with if you saw the greens as botanicals!!!
Ok......Now onto this weeks palette!!!!!

Catch up...... I am playing catch up!  Far too much on it seems!!!!  I am just a little behind.Palette#7SN
So pretty!  Maybe just a little unexpected, but it's these palettes that challenge us!

My Lovely Old (great) uncle Kelve.  He lived across the road form us as I was growing Up.  Because I spent so much time on my own, with Dad out working I spent a great deal of my teen years having a cuppa with Uncle Kelve.  In a tiny country town with no Mum or siblings living with us, he was my companion.  I loved him dearly.  I am so thankful he got to meet my little boy 7 years ago, before he died!


It was good to do colours I would not have put together, and nice to get this photo scrapped. 
Ok....that's number 7 Number 8.....Last weeks!   Not so far behind!