Friday, January 16, 2009

Mid january already!

I am enjoying NOT getting ready for school every morning.
I am loving staying far too late in my pyjamas.
Very laid back....very relaxed.
I read 4 books last week.
I love to read, but I have not read books like I used to since Denver was born 6 years ago. 

I made many christmas presents this I have not been scrapping much of late.  Christmas scrapped me out real good.  I did not even get photos. 

I did some canvas' for a class at Scrapbook Station that I can share.  They were actually very therapeudic to do.  I love getting my hands messy in arty stuff.  Impasto medium (texture paste), mod podge and paint.  I stamped with bubble wrap, and the lid off a mousse bottle, a toothpaste lid, a cork and the eraser end of a pencil.  I modpodged napkins.  I tore pages out of an old book from a local second hand store and painted over and over.  Lots-a-layers here!Blog-canvas1 Canvas-2-blog2 Blog-canvas-3 They now have pride of place, and look very cool against our brown wall in the lounge/dining area.

I am someone who tends to make lots of stuff for other people, and rarely for myself, so there is not always a lot to show for all the It is nice to have something I can say, "yep there it is"

My lovely girl Janine nominated me for a blog award.   Blog award

Now I am required to nominate 7 others.....Mmmm 7.  Janine did 3, maybe I will follow her lead.  Maybe 'lovely' could incorporate 'inspirational'  Then these ladies will be nominated for all the amazing things they create and I visit to see!




That done, I must go to bed.  Kids are recharching as I type, so I had better catch some zzzz's  Or I will be in trouble!

I will be back!