Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi all the way over there in America

Well that was written about a week ago now, and while there have been moments, it's not been too bad since.  I think they were both reacting to their Dad being away.  Denver is now at kindy and I have a moment to post, which has been few and far between lately.

Honestly...I do not think my child is a terrorist, although she certainly has a streak!  (that she also came by honestly!  I gave my Mum a run for her money too at this age ( 2)  She is lovely most of the time, but Kity would disagree!!!)

Hope you are enjoying dinner!  We have just had breakfast!  A little late I know, but it's quiet now!

Hope you are all well,

Love Lydell x

What a day!

Well I must have done something pretty awful in a past life. I have officially had the day from the deep dark depths of somewhere nasty. Mykenzie has been on the top of her game to say the least. On top of the general duties of washing, folding, sweeping, emptying and re-loading dishwasher, making beds, sweeping again, sweeping and mopping all the hard floors ( Why I chose today to do this stuff I will never know.) Making loads up and downstairs to organize my new cabinets in the lounge/dining room, Mykenzie put some of her soft toys in the mop bucket water and dragged them all over my newly mopped floors then after telling her off for that I go looking for her and realize there is also water all over the place in the lounge room, I got really cross and then Denver tells me Mazzie put the cat in the water, and it all becomes clear, Kitty is saturated shivering under the lounge and dripping where ever he has run to escape the two year old terrorist we have residing in our home. So I bath the cat because the mopping water had washing detergent in it probably not at all good for a kitten. After I finish this I call the littlest one off the naughty chair and when she does not come I go to get her and find kitty litter all over the laundry on my newly washed floor. Not new kitty litter either, the litter straight from the tray. So I tell her right off again and proceed to clean it up. Then I go to scrub dry all the wet splotches from the saturated cat through out the entire lounge room and into my bedroom….actually probably the trail left from a petrified kitten running for it’s life. Now I have noticed the terrorist has not been in the lounge room while I was cleaning the carpet, so I go to look for her and she is back at it in the laundry. This time a half bag of kitty litter straight from the cupboard. ( Fresh this time at least.) But spanning the entire laundry. Ok deep breath. So now I clean the laundry for the third time. I am a little frazzled by now and am not responding well to any child requests. I go to clean up the kitchen table from residual playdough left to dry and Denver tells me that stealth Moo has re-entered the laundry and tipped all the kittens biscuits into the newly refreshed water and then all over the floor of the laundry. Kittys munching away on some softened biscuits as I clean up the mess and mop the floor for the fourth time. The floor is so very clean in there. Now how to keep her out. I banish them both out side and after I can no longer stand the cries from outdoors, I bring her in for a shower. These in themselves have been challenging as she thinks the drain is a monster and with shrieking and yelling and gnashing of teeth we wash and get her out in record time. We put a face washer over the drain hole and she is better at showering. Ok with one clean child and the other child showering, I go in to finish dinner and serve theirs up for it to be cool enough to eat. When I am done, believing the littlest one has been watching TV, I go to get Denver out and find she has stripped off and headed on into the shower herself for the second shower of the evening, but decided she wanted to come out was wandering about my bedroom dripping wet, trying to dry herself with her ‘rug’ Mummy looses it once more and tells the childen that Mummy needs them to go to bed so she can regain an ounce of the sanity she had yesterday morning when their Father left. What…only 2 weeks and 5 days to go. EASY! Note to self ….Maybe I should ring Hilcrest now. she is now angelically sitting like a mouse infront of the TV looking incapable of making her mother tear her hair out wailing …… Now they are snug in bed. Hopefully they stay there. I am exhausted. Its 3am in Denver. Their Father has been soundly asleep for hours.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A little slow on the uptake....

but this is the challenge that was set on the Scrapbook Station forum.  Taking photos of things you love in your home.  There will probably be another one up now ready to do, and I have just gotten around to this one.  I know...SLACK!  I have been sick, so I have a semi excuse.  Anyway, I glanced around this morning and snapped these pics of things I love around my home.Grassesweb

I am in the process of eliminating things that are of no use, or have been around for ever without a reason why!  I am just starting to buy things that actually tie the decore together.  We really have had no time to actually do this.  We get married and were both working, then within the first year we had our first bub, and then sold and bought houses with a 1 year old.  So things just got put where they got put, and nothing had changed since!!!  I am getting there.  Sorting through unneeded stuff when you are a 'keeper' is a big job!!!

Coffeeweb I love my coffee and our coffee machine.  It grinds, brews, froths, Just doesn't make toast.  (Someone should think of that)


These flowers just make me Happy.  Have no idea who dreamed up the idea to make a rose out of feathers...yep feathers, but they are awfully pretty and I don't need to water them!

And this is my embellished monogram.  It wMonogram_letteras actually my entry for scrapbooking Masters last year.  It has soooo much work on it.  All the design on the paper is stitched over.  My name is handwritten in silver a million times around the inside of the letter and the mini book was a project in itself. 

(I liked it, even if they didn't!!!)

Well that is done now.  Now I have to get going on my own challenge!  Now that one really is just slack.  I have had plenty of time to do this one, and I just haven't!!!  I have the 'April' challenge to set to.  It will be done soon!