Friday, November 12, 2010

The New release for THE COLOR ROOM is up.
Family room this week.  


See how you go.
I am finding it not-so-easy!
Might try a card instead seeing the LO did not work for me!!!!
The Designers did a phenomenal job though.  VERY impressive
See HERE....

Hope you come away inspired to give this palette a try!
(I will be back to share my efforts soon. )
Have a great day. 

Hi there!
This week.........
My very first Videos went up for Helmar.
I turned 38 (goodness.....really?)
I started spring cleaning my house (AGAIN!!!)
The kids have found themselves with some new responsibilities for their pocket money!
Had my DH home with some Long Service Leave.
We ate lunch on the balcony together each day. 
All in all a very good week!
For all of that.....I can at least show you the Videos For Helmar USA

Hope you enjoyed watching them, and maybe even saw something new to try!

Come back soon for this weeks release at THE COLOR ROOM


 Oh dear.  Got a bit waylayed last week and didnt post the palette like I usually try to, so I will quickly do it now, so that its up here at least!!!!

The Color Room was featured in a Brazillian E-Zine earlier this month and this is the palette designed for it.
Coming from The Sun room, it was a gorgeous palette to work with!

and my LO that went with it.......

I used an old hambly transparency as my guide and drew all the details around the circle, then painted them with acrylics, added some gemstones and I had a frame.

Ok.......I will return soon with some new Video tutorials made for Helmar, and the next Palette Release for The Color Room