Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm in Planner Heaven........

Hello Planner Peeps!!!
I am sharing something today here (and at Paper Flourish a couple of weeks ago) that I have recently gotten into, that I am quite excited about.  My Daily Planner!  I have tried all kinds of planning.  I thought something on my phone would be the best course of action seeing I have my phone with me constantly, and I trialed several apps and even bought a couple, in my quest to find something that worked and got my life in order!  Being a predominantly 'Stay at Home Mum', I feel like I am on a constant mission to declutter, stay on top of house hold 'stuff' as well as keep up with all my creating duties, both work and play, and nothing was working for me.

Recently I caught sight of Midori Travellers Notebooks and Journals.  and it piqued my interest.

(Source Here)

I didn't love the price imported from Japan, so after filling my cart and pausing before pushing that 'Buy Now' button....  I stumbled across other handmade versions and faux-doris on the net.  Never one to buy something I can make, I decided to go that route and make my own.

So thus began my love for this system if you will.
I will explain it a little further.....

So The Midori Notebooks are this lovely soft leather cover with elastic bands threaded through it.  It gets more worn and lovely with age, as leather does.  It feels nice and looks good.  Ticks all the boxes!

Next the 'proper' Midori brand sells all these lovely little notebooks, with all kinds of insides, lines, graph, plain, diary, journal, different paper etc. These are thin little notebooks that you add into your midori cover and band then altogether using the elastic band system.

So if you like making your own stuff, you just print out paper with grid lines or lines, or just blank computer paper, and cut to size,  add a cover using any scrapbooking paper that inspires you
and stitch down the middle with your sewing Machine
 (or stitch with a needle and thread)

Embellish how you wish, using your substantial stash!!! :-)

So here's a sample of my Bullet Journal....made the same way......

The idea behind this particular booklet, is that you list your month on the top....  write the days in the month on the left (so you can see at a glance what you have to have done on each day)
On the right you 'brain dump'.  Just jot down every single thing you can think of that you might want to achieve this month.  The things that have due dates or appointments you can put straight in on the left.  You mark off when you achieve the task,  If you didn't manage it, when you do the next month, you flip back to the past month and transfer everything you didn't get done straight in the next month.  Really cool.  gets you in the right headspace and helps you remember all the things you need to do.  Out of your head onto the paper kinda thing!

The actual planner is one I purchased from Etsy.  Its just a file with a planner layout, which I print double sided.  I make a booklet for each month, which means I print on 8 sheets of paper for each notebook and fold in half.  Making enough pages for 31 days....plenty for any month.
I include a calendar printout before I stitch and add in a menu plan or a list I want to get done on the back and stitch that in as well!  Folded into 3 and having it fold out full width when opened.

(The planner pages)

(The Calendar foldout)

(the Menu Plan)

Then I fill out each day.  Including what I drink, what I plan to have for dinner, My studies, exercise, due dates, to do lists, what I purchased and anything else that I need to remember!

         (and I doodle and draw as I go.  Lovely way to relax with a cup of tea!)             

Now that you have the planner elements.....You can add in what ever you need.  A sketch book, diary, work planner, Calendars etc and then you plan your life!

my watercolour journal goes in here, just for play and practise.....

My little list notebook as well from 'listersgottalist' website (a challenge of lists every month)  
This is cool as it often makes you think and jot down things about your history, your ideas, beliefs etc and is a lovely keepsake for your family.  

I also have a pocket book in mine where I can keep lists, loose papers, receipts etc that I need.

NOW......This is where the fun begins.  All that left over Scrapbooking paper and other bits and pieces come into play.  Washi tape, stamps, inks, die cuts....sprays, paints, what ever you see fit!!

I keep a small stash of everything I need in a little ready-to-go basket with all these simple things so I can prepare for the next day while watching TV.....
or while sitting outside on the balcony in the sun with a cup of coffee!!!!

I doodle away....I stick down washi, and I stamp!
Fun fun fun!

(My little stack of notebooks inside my planner....mmmmm)

Best of all, because I jot down so much about daily life, I include each notebook after the month has passed, in my Project life album.  It helps me catch up, with my Project life when I am behind, and it will be cool to see what each day entailed in the future!

So with that -I will leave all this info sink in, and maybe it will spark a bit or inspiration with you and your desire for a pretty and functional planner!!!

Have an awesome day :-)

Watercolour Background, Hand lettered Bible JournalingProcess Video.

A new Process Video today, done for a friend for Church on the weekend.

Unfortunately I could not embed the original one I used with the most beautiful music (Unstoppable Love by Kim Walker Smith......See this original one HERE)

It was perfect for the verse but because of copyright restrictions on Youtube I could not load it anywhere.... But I did replace the music in the video below with a nice piece.  Not quite the same but anyway!

So if you are into hand lettering you might find this interesting.

The page is the inside cover and the first page in my Bible.  I covered each with my favourite Gesso for my Bible.  'Pro Art Economy' Gesso, which I got sent over to me from the US in a HUGE 2.9 litre tub!  (LOVE IT!!!)  Read More about that HERE.

I then added a layer of Daniel Smith 'Watercolour Ground'  which is a paste you can brush onto a non absorbant surface, to accept watercolour better.  I dried that well before beginning my page as you can see in the video above.

Its certainly the perfect piece of scripture to have in the very front page!

Anyway.  I will leave you with that.
Hope you enjoyed the quick look into the process.

See you again soon.

Lydell :-)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Watercolour Art with Stencils and Pan Pastels

I have a super quick post today!

I created a guide on how I used The Crafters Workshop Stencils and Pan Pastels to create pattern in my watercolour Painting.

Check out How to Use Stencils in a Watercolour Painting by Lydell Quin on Snapguide.

Thanks for stopping in today!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Upcoming auction at Von Rock Auctions and Sales.

I have been painting furiously over the last few weeks.  I am being represented in an online auction held at the end of February.  Von Rock Auctions and Sales has a variety of art for sale.  Some amazing artists there!  Auction starts on Friday.

Some of my pieces in this auction are these

all Watercolour (Pebeo) on 300gsm Canson Watercolour Paper.

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas.  Covered in Beeswax
(This might be my favourite.  I love the feel of the beeswax.  Its a lovely finish.
lots of dimension too)

Just have a little look at some of the other Art for sale there this coming weekend.  It looks incredible!

Thanks for dropping in today.  Lovely to see you!  :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Faces 13-16 on 100 faces.

Some More Girls.
Just catching up sharing the progress in the 100 faces in 365 days challenge group on FaceBook.

Here is #13......

She is done with Mepxy Markers and Graphite on Canson Bleedproof Paper.


Graphite in my drawing sketchbook (Canson)


Mepxy Markers and graphite on Bleedproof Paper (Canson)


Mepxy Markers, graphite, on Bleedproof paper (Canson)

and now I am up to date....yay!
Number 17 is in my sketchbook, almost done!

See you again soon!

8-12/100 Faces on 365 Days

If you have not heard of this group, its great.  You get to practice at your own pace and improve by sheer practice!  It really is true.  Practice makes perfect!  

Anyway here are my #8 and 9 Girls in one sketch

They are quick and sketchy!  

Graphite and Prismacolor


Grahite /white Sharpie


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