Monday, January 24, 2011

SHIMMERZ PAINTS new products!!!

Hi There.....

By now you may have heard about these new products from Shimmerz.
I for one can not wait to get my hands on these.
The colours are so intense and totally opaque. Just take a look how a couple of sprays totally covers and recolours that white flower in this promotional video

Shimmerz Paints have WAY over 100 colours to choose from, and with this release, there are 6 product lines to try, each having their own characteristics.

Totally thrilling
Like I said....

Friday, January 21, 2011

The new release is up at THE COLOR ROOM today.  Its a good one too!!!  We added a TWIST! 
We are holding a "Style Swap" event.  The Designers each created a page in the style of a fellow Designer, and the results were fantastic.  It is so inspiring.....its almost like a two for one on each page created.  The girls successfully took elements of their swapped style and added it to their own style.  Each page is absolutely brilliant!

 Heres what I did for this Palette.  I used Ronda Palazzari's style as best I could.  It was a great experience, and I cant wiat to do it again!

As you can see. I had fun!
If you want to see 'who did who' Stop by The Color Room and check out what the designers got up to.
This week we are encouraging the members to scrap a Designer or someone from the site you admire!!! Just be sure to state who you used to create your Project!!!

Hope you can give it a go. It really was lots of fun!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Palette Release #41

We have a new Release up today #41.
Bright and Pretty!

We are pairing up with Shimmerz Paints this month, so the palette was created with Vibez, Shimmerz and Pearlz (See the colour names in the palette above!)

Here is my LO using these same colours.....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shimmerz Paints and Punky Sprouts {1}

Here is a video showing you some ways I used Shimmerz Paints and the 'Rebel Sprouts' album from Punky Sprouts.
There are many more tutorial videos on the Shimmerz Education Blog for you to peruse, be sure to check them out!!!!

I saw Marion Smith create a project using vintage metal items and when I came across this Door Plate from the 150 year old (ex)hotel I grew up in, I thought it was perfect to use, and I really wanted to see how this rusty old piece with loads of history responded to a bit of Shimmer and Paint!!!! Can you imagine how many people opened this door in the past 150 years.....

This video is continued below in part 2......

Shimmerz Paints and Punky Sprouts {2}

{Part 2}

This video is for the Shimmerz Education Blog To see more fabulous videos be sure to visit!

Thanks so much for watching!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Color Room and Shimmerz Paints unite.......

This month we are pairing with Shimmerz paints. Very Cool!
I created some palettes using Shimmerz Paints and they are fun. Hope you can give them a go! The Shimmerz DT are going to try some as well which will be great to see, Go Check out Shimmerz Paints

I love working with Shimmerz. The products are great and there are oodles of colours (Over 100!!!!)Just cant get enough, and I so need to get some more!!!!
(YUM!) So Lucky to be an Educator for them. I get to use the paints LOTS!

So onto the Palette.
#40 at THE COLOR ROOM Is up this week until Friday.
If you have Shimmerz Colours use them of course, but if you dont, just treat it like any other palette, using what ever you have in your stash that fits the colours.

This is mine for this Palette.....

Have a try why dont you?
The Color Room Palette #39.
Take a look!
If you mossed it. You can still give it a go. Just load it to the Photo wall Labelled TCR#39.

Someone say Bright?
Such a cool combination though!
Palette #38

Great one for a boy page!
Go to THE COLOR ROOM to see more!
Are you ready for some total gorgeousness?
Palette #37 at THE COLOR ROOM
Oh MY!!!!

Even if you are not into pastels, its mightly pretty! You can still catch up if you missed it! Just upload it labelled TCR#37 to the photowall.

Hope you are having a good week.
Lydell x
Hi there.
Once again I am playing catch up!
Palette #36 at THE COLOR ROOM

Family Room and gorgeous. A monochromatic style color Scheme.  Very appealing!  If you would like to have a go, just upload it to the Photo wall, labelled TCR#36......  It doesnt matter if the palette has come and gone!!!!