Thursday, December 21, 2006

I have not blogged for so long!  Shame on me!

I have not been blog surfing either, so don't know much about anyone ATM.  Not good.  I miss it every time I get busy and neglect the online world!

Can't believe it is only a matter of days now before Christmas!  Last Christmas still seems not all that long ago.  There is also the fact that I still have gifts to buy and organising to do.  We are having 17 here for Christmas Lunch!  AHHHHH!  That's a lot huh!  It will be fine.......(Nervous laugh!)  Hopefully John will get the decking finished in time.  My Dad is coming tomorrow to help for a bit.  Driving from two hours away.  Good ole Dad.  The kids love him visiting.  He has just been on holiday in Melbourne visiting my step sisters.  Cindy is 32 weeks pregnant and they have just bought their first home which needed some work.  Apparently she has been washing dishes in a bucket, as they pulled out their sink to get the new kitchen installed, and then it was a while before anything appeared to happen with it.  Dad ended up putting an entire new kitchen in for her.  He came back utterly exhausted.  He gets home and I ask him to help us with the deck!  LOL!  Poor Dad. 

I have not done too much in the way of scrapping.  Just organising Christmas gifts ( of a scrapping nature!)  I did complete an 8x8 album for dad for his 60th birthday on the weekend.  It took every ounce of scrapping ability I had!  All fishing photos of waders, horizon, net, orange corks and plenty of blue/green water.  It looked good in the end, and I was happy with it, but every single page I started, I packed it up at least once, 'cause I couldn't do it!!!  It really did take a long time!

Any way I might go take this opportunity to blog surf!  Catch up on the world!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Can't believe a month has past!

Wow, It has been a while.  Just the normal everyday stuff, which tends to keep me very busy.  Had a few classes, which were good.  Went and stayed with my Mum for a week, which was also good.  Change of scenery.

John has started the decking out the side of the house, he has just had a fortnight off work to make a start on it.  It looks a little closer to a deck, but not enough like one!!!  All the steel is there, but it is quite a way off the ground, so it can not be any sort of uasable deck until walls go up as well.  Me thinks it is still a way off.  Oh well I have waited this long!

I have done a few layouts.  Had lots of fun doing them.  There was a time not so long ago where all my layouts were a marathon, and they took days to complete.  I have no idea what has happened, but I can complete one quite quickly lately.  Go figure!  I am enjoying it though.  Quick satisfaction.  I am still talking a few hours though, not 15 minutes like Heidi Swapp once stated!  Can't work that one out!

Watching Australian Idol tonight, Marcia made mention of Rove McMannus losing his wife,it was a shock.  I totally missed Damiens performance.  Very sad.   She fought for so long.  8 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and at 32 she lost her fight.  Far too young.  She didn't even get the chance to be a mum. (don't think they had any did they?)  I am guessing she was sick for too long?  My heart goes out to her family.

Well I will upload a couple of the layouts I have done.  Then I will hit the sack I think.  Both my little ones are sick with the flu, and are miserable, which makes me miserable, so I need my sleep.  Far too cranky with grizzly children otherwise!


My little future scrapbooking partner at it again!  But oh so cute.

FamilyjpgThis one was for the last newsletter challenge for the Scrapbook Station newsletter.  People use the fortnightly blueprint sketch and do their own version of it, and if your layout is chosen youDecorative_edges win some goodies! 

Another Scrapbook Station DT Layout.  Decorative borders this time.

O.K that's it for me. Till next time.  Wont leave it so long this time!  Very slack!

Friday, October 6, 2006

My baby girl was 2 yesterday.  Where did the time go?  I waited for every stage with Denver.  I have missed most of them with Mazzie.  All of a sudden she is speaking in sentences.  ( Deciphering still needed!)  On the otherhand, she is more independant and can wander outside for a while without assistance.  It gives me a chance to mop the floor without her attacking the water, or putting on a load of washing without her adding inappropriate items in without me knowing.  I could not find my phone the other day, so as you do, I rang it and heard it ringing in the distance.  I eventually located the distant ringing.  In the washing machine.  I had almost started a load earlier and had to gather more clothes, so it didn't happen!  Thankgoodness.  My history with phones is unfortunate.  I would have had to fight DH for another new one.

Anyway I have a 2 year old baby.

On a scrapping note, Janine rang the other day and asked if we could swing it to get together without children (what????) to scrap for the afternoon.  My word was it nice!  I did one layout for the DT this coming week on decorative borders.   I will put this one up when the change over happens on the Scrapbook Station site this weekend.  It was so good to scrap together (have not done this at home before, just at the shop.)  that we got together again yesterday, this time with kids....ALL OF THEM ( school holidays!!!) They were actually pretty good.  But I couldn't relax until lunch was over and done with, and the cake Janine brought over was eaten ( with a coffee of course!)  Janine cruised through it with her Layout....When she is in the zone!!! (Stunning Layout though!)  She truely is the Patterned Paper Queen.  I just watched in awe.  She had like 7 sheets of 12 x 12 printed paper.  I need therapy if I try to incorporate 3. 

I drew around some hearts...But I saw a genius at work!!!

I got a layout done after all had gone to bed last night though.  That is pretty impressive for me...and I went to bed at 11.30pm.  Anyway.  Here is this weeks productions.  After the drought! PermissiondeniedPermission slip reads....

" Lydell ( Mum) is hereby granted permission to Slip on the fluffy slippers, make herself a coffee, run a bath, surf the net for scrapping stuff and blogs, reas books and magazines and SCRAP to her hearts content!"

Journaling reads....."If only!  It would be pure bliss to be able to scrap and relax anytime I wanted too!...But then it wouldn't feel so good!!  It's true, I don't get much done, and I barely meet my deadlines, but all too soon these little ones of mine will not need me so much and will grow to be independant and I will miss them needing me....On the other hand. imagine all the scrapping I will get done! "


This is the one I drew around the hearts of!

Journaling reads....."So unbelievably cute, that perfect little face laughing back at me when you do something naughty so that mummy might not be so cross...It works every time!  Mummy can't resist, you are just far too cute for my own good!!!


This one I did last night after everyone was in bed!  Didn't take long at all!

Journaling reads...  "I really hope this obsession you have with my scrapping stuff means that when you're older you will share my passion.  But for the moment all it means to me is the ruination of many a scrapping product.  You have drawn on completed layouts, emptied embossing powders, cut up papers, I could go on..."

On that note.  I have a few more hours that I can leave the stuff I brought out of my downstairs scrapping room to our dining table upstairs ( The key to which I have been able to work this week!) before I need to return it all to its rightful home.  One more layout??  Who knows!

TFL and have a great weekend all!

Lydell x

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Getting on top of things

Another week gone by.  Man they are quick these days.  I have had a week of organisation this week.  So much has gone by the wayside while the kids have been small that now that Mazzie is getting a bit bigger, she is able to entertain herself a little more and I have had time ( and motivation) to get stuck into their rooms.  We packed up Mazzies cot ( we couldn't keep her in it anyway!) and put her in her big bed ( and we still can't keep her in it!)  and I packed up all their clothes they had grown out of.  OODLES of clothes!  Then I bought Denver a couple of shelving units and some clear plastic tubs with lids on them and organised all his toys.  He has so many, they get all muddled up and he can't play with any of them properly cause they're all lost amongst a mass of toys!  A lot of his 'little kid' toys went on in to Mazzies room, and I am in the process of making that a little more 'girly' too.  I want to paint some butterflies on the walls.  She is so obsessed on drawing on the walls and anywhere that she can, I dare not do it while she is around! 





We just went to NSW for the weekend for a wedding and we stayed with DH's sister.  She has two little bodies, about a year older than ours.  I have been so caught up in just managing to get through each day, with lack of sleep brought about by a 3 year old not sleeping through ( He is much bMonroeetter as of the last few months, but I thought it would never happen!) That we had not taken too much notice of setting up things out and in doors that could stimulate development.  Being a Teacher in my past life, I have been hanging out for the day they both reach an age that they can draw, paint and make without eating or painting/defacing something they shouldn't.  I went out and bought an easel and chalk and got a little table that I have covered with a plastic cloth for playdough when ever they want to use it, not in just organised playtime.  We have a split level back yard too, so until now it has been very difficult letting Mazzie outside.  I had to follow her around the yard, but she is 2 next week and she manages the rocks very well.  She even gets herself onto the trampoline and zips the zip shut and jumps on her own whenever she wants.  It's a dawning of a new time for me, as I could not let her out of my sight not too long ago, and I had not a second to myself, unless DH noticed I was a bit narky, and told me he'd have the kids for a bit.  It probably still does not help with the scrapping dilemma, as Mazzie just loves to scrap ( but only what I am scrapping)  This is not a good thing....YET!   hopefully in the future she'll love to scrap with Mum, without ruining something I am working on when I turn my back!  And I can't leave her outside while I am downstairs scrapping,  but it will come soon enough I guess.  Someday soon I will be able to scrap at my every whim! (Dreaming I think!!!)

Anyway all that said I should take some time while Mazzie is asleep and organise my class for tomorrow.    Bye!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Try try again.

I thought maybe I should get right out and open up Typepad again.  Lets see if I am allowed to upload any pics now!  September NovemberOctober

May JuneAugust

Just a few pages from the calendar class I am teaching at scrapbook Station.

The calendar is a desk sized calendar.  !0 x 15 cm so the pages are not too big.  Just a nice size to scrap away and get it done relatively quickly!  Great to get the creativity flowwing, if there is a blockage!!!

Theartoflife This one is one of the LO's in the class I am doing using Scenic Route Chip kits.  The other LO uses the other half of the kit.  Can't seem to locate a photo at this point.  Will update at a later date!

Anyway after all this effort, I am ready to call it a night!  If only things could be easy!


Lydell x

Thursday, August 17, 2006

News for this week!

Mid August already!  Time goes so fast these days.  Unfortunately not too much has happened in the way of scrapping, but I do have some news!!  I entered the Masters Competition a few weeks ago now, and heard nothing back,  Janine knew someone who had had a call saying they had made the top 100.  So I knew I wasn't one of them!  Oh well, not too disappointed.  Just try again! A couple of weeks go by, then this week......I was called by SM to say they had not received my work yet.  "What work"  I know I have a LO in Scrapbook Creations soon, but not SM.  "Your Masters Entry!!"  Oh!! - I was on the phone one day a few weeks ago and missed a call.  I did the *10# thing and got a Sydney Number I did not recognise, but thought they would ring back if they really wanted me.  ( Must get call waiting switched off...I feel too rude taking another call if I am on one, so I never use it.)  Anyway.  Just as well I hadn't started to use what I had made for the BTP project!!!  I had thought about it, just not gotten around to it!.... So that was a bit of excitement in my week!  I have since packaged it all up and sent it off.  I must admit, I really don't expect it to go any further, but it's nice to get this far!

Our other news is that I am an Auntie once again!  Siann had a little boy 8 lb1.  Emerson Joel.  Have to share a pic or two.  I have tried to stay away for a bit while Siann heals and gets used to another body in the house.  My little boy and her little boy are 6 weeks apart, and they on a bad day, are likeEmersonblog fuel and fire!  They feed off one another, yet they love each other dearly.  3 1/2 year olds seem to have so much trouble sharing their things!  Sometimes it is incredibly stressful all being together if they are at one another.  We refuse to let it stop us spending time together, but If we are trying to do something, it does get quite difficult.  So I have not got more recent photos of the little man.  His little face is not so puffy now by all accounts and he is the perfect baby so far.  Is sleeping all night, and is proving to be much easier for Siann out rather than in!!!  I told her not to get used to it, as it could well change!!!

Thought I might just share one of the LO's that is for the class schedule at Scrapbook Station, one of several I am due to have finished!  Must get going on them!  Had a bit of a scrapping drought is all!  It is one of two for this particular class.The_art_of_life Theartoflife2

It is actually straight IRL  Looks like the black cardstock is askew on the orange, but it isn't  really!!!

Well should really be scrapping, rather than blogging!!!   TFL


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Next DT LO for Scrapbook Station.  Chatterbox this time.  I enjoyed this one.  I quite like chatterbox.  These Transparent monogram letters are really pretty.  I liked the topic too!  I had so much fun away from home at ISC.  First time in forever!  Chatterbox_dtlo

We sent my sister and her husband to a hotel in the city on Saturday night.  She is 8 1/2 months pregnant, with a 3 1/2 year old at home.  We had Raine for the evening and they went out for dinner and had a fully cooked breakfast.  So they came back on sunday very relaxed!  Some friends did the same thing for my DH and I just 2 weeks before Mykenzie arrived, and we didn't realise how much we needed it.  It was really nice.  ( We need it again now!!!)  Now we just have to sit back and wait for this new little one to come!  Siann is desperate for him/her to come out, she is very uncomfortable!

Not much else has been going on.  I need to get downstairs to scrap again now.  I had so long thinking about and then frantically finishing the SM entry, that I needed to take some time out!  It gets a bit stressful when you are racing against time, and funnily enough, I like things I have done since more than my entry!  Oh well.  Not a big deal.  just try again with something else!

My little girl s just at the age now, where she is a hazzard to have in my scraproom.  She broke a huge ceramic pig money box that has been sitting on the floor for a couple of years, and emptied two comtainers of embossing powder into the carpet last week.  All at different times, and I was right there.  Just not watching her every move.  She can move at the speed of light so I have learnt.  I can be watching her and turn for a minute and she is into something I have to leap at to save!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh dear, I have been a bad blogger!  I have not even surfed much recently.   I have been working desperately on my SM masters entry.  Thought I might as well....They say You gotta be in it.....I had so much time when I couldn't stand or sit to work on the projects and I have been working flat out to finish them off ( By the skin of my teeth mind you!)  now that I can!  What a month it has been!  I found this website here with some really good information on back pain, especially if you have had it for years and no one really fixes it, although you are forking out thousands to manage it!  A bit of a revelation, even though it is very simple and makes incredible sense!  I got the programme from America, and it is very simple, but effective.  Purely stretching exercises to correct muscle imbalances.  I am very excited that maybe I wont have to suffer these annoying and very painful 'episodes' for the rest of my life!

I tend to add to my blog when I have something to share, and I just haven't done anything so,I have been a little blogless!

I was very excited to see my LO in the last FK.  My first real 'magazine' publishing!  I had one in the awards for Ex book, but they spelt my name wrong and the double page LO was reversed and upside down.  So it just didn't feel the same!

Divine600 Now I am looking forward to just doing some scrapping for me.  I have so many projects in my head, and while I was not able to scrap, I jotted ideas down, so I have this whole little book half filled with things that hit me just when I couldn't create!  No excuse now!

My DH and I went out for dinner for the first time since before Mykenzie was born (She is nearly 2)  and we even went and saw a movie!  My parents drove 2 hours to baby sit for us!  I am so lucky to have them all in the same state, but just far enough away that they are not much use to their daughters in the way of babysitting!  Before this I think we have seen one movie and have been out to dinner twice in 4 years!  It has made us realise that we really need to put more effort into being a couple and not just the parent side!  It is hard work, and we have just let 'us' go by the wayside!  I have had some good friends split recently and they have not been married too much longer than us....Just a bit of a wake up call.

Anyway, should crawl into bed.  Morning seems to come before I have had enough sleep lately!


Monday, June 26, 2006

Light at the end...

Finally...I think my back is starting to heal.  I did a class today and it was not so bad.  I needed a heat pack by the end of it, but it was an accomplishment.  4 weeks it's been.  Too long when you have to be a wife and Mum and not just a 'being' on the couch!  I even noticed the carpet in front of the lounge has many more marks on it than it had 4 weeks ago. (from the kids, not me!!) The kids got so used to bringing things to me and talking to me in front of the lounge when they needed something. 

Nothing going on in the scrapping world, although I wish there was!  I have not been able to sit or stand for any length of time.  I have completed 1 LO in the last 4 weeks. Hmph....very disapointing.  I have tried mind you.  The one for the Scrapbook Station DT was done standing and laying, standing and laying...etc!  But it got done!  Must spend some time tomorrow, just hope the little ones are co-operative.

Nothing more to report on. 

Back soon, with stuff to share..... hopefully!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Quick week!

Wednesday already,  The weeks go by so quickly these days.  They certainly do with a public holiday at the beginning of the week, then a DH home sick from work for two days, which brought me very quickly to Wednesday!  I had very little sleep last night with two unsettled little ones.  DH sick, so up to me.  Was a long night, which in turn means a long day!  Both really grizzly, which does not help!  Much nicer now however, Dh took DS to Rio's to get more coffee.  This is the lovliest coffee!  We are on the last few beans which is hazardous!!!  DD home with me and is quiet for the first time today!  We will head off to the chiro and a tiny bit of shopping in an hour or so. 

Does anyone know whether electric blankets are ok for kids?  DS does not wet the bed anymore, but that is not saying he wont ever again!  He gets up so many times a night, and he is freezing each time.  I have been heating up my wheat bag gently for him to snuggle, (works a treat) but he is starting to wake and wanting me to reheat it every couple of hours (not really working for me now!) I am wondering if he is waking because he is uncomfortable?  I would try anything at this stage.  I know he has to grow out of it, and he is starting to put himself back to bed now, which is alot nicer for me.   

My dear friend from highschool dropped in on the weekend.  I have not seen her for probably 6 months or so.  We get so busy in our own lives that the time just flies by.  It was so nice to see her and her DS and DD.  They are such nice kids.  Hope mine turn out as lovely towards me as she has managed.  They are such a close family!

Well should go.  Other half will be back soon, and I should make the most of only one child at a time!!!

I will share a new LO for Scrapbook Station DT


Plain Textured cardstock and a Heidi Swapp flower and circle alphas.  Printed the picture at home and cut it out slightly! Stamped wording over black section with white STAZon.

Was quite happy with it considering I have included some of the not so good things about me!  Oh well like it says, I am what I am!

Back soon,



Saturday, June 3, 2006

Just a quickie!  Just found Cold Play for my blog.  i am just loving this song at the moment.  The music is just great.  Had to actually pay attention to the words to make sure they weren't too odd!

Well the beginning of a weekend...yay.  I do have a class on Sunday, so that is working, but there is something about being surrounded by beautiful and delicious things that make your work environment a happy place!  Scrapbook Station is good for that!  I do spend all my pay before I get it though!  Occupational hazzard I guess...mmmm, not at all concerned!  I am still having back issues, so I do hope it is a little better by Sunday.  Probably not too proffessional to do a lap around everyone then have to give instructions to everyone laying on the floor for the next 10 mins!

Ok.  Must go to bed.  Made a deal with Denver that if he can sleep in his bed all night, he can have the Bob the Builder toy I sat next to his bed, (to remind him to stay put if he wakes up in the night)

We shall see!

Night all x

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Up and atom!

It is such a pretty day here in Adelaide.  Very sunny, still just a little chilly though!  Nothing like a bright sunny day to lift the spirits.  My DH has to go in to work today.  He took yesterday off to look after the little ones, as I am still out of action.  Today I am feeling a little better, but am still very sore ( bad back) I should be ok though!  Might be fun putting Missy Moo to bed at lunch time,(Lifting her into her cot)  But I should be able to manage.  My Chiro does not work today either, so I will have to wait until tomorrow, which is probably a good thing, as he can't really do to much in the way of realignment when I am so sore! 

I just went to visit this site and found these alphabet stamps called My Acrylix Oh so yummy!  It is one of those party plan things though, AND they are only in the US.  GRRRR.....I could have myself some of these real easy!  I searched and searched the other day for someone who sold Pigment Pro pens (American Crafts)  But nope.  Did find some on E-bay, but they are coming from America, and the postage was $18.  What a killer!  I did get the pens really cheap for what they would cost per pen here, and I have every colour in every size I believe.  Yippee.  Can't wait till they come now!  Supposedly really nice for journaling!

Got the lastest Stampin' Up catalogue (here) yesterday too.  Actually found a consultant in SA and she sent it to me.  They are just starting to sell in Australia.  They have a set of date stamps I adore.  MMMMM Yum!

Well must get on with this day, as best as I can.  That might mean getting up!  I have been laying down for two days now, and I am pretty sick of it.  Might be time to take some pain relief and soldier on!

Have a good day everyone,

Lydell xx

Monday, May 29, 2006

Down again!

Well, I Shall try again!  Slower this time, as my back has gone again and I am laying flat typing with one hand!  Sooo frustrating.  I have been in bed all day and have had to wait for poor DH to get around to me each time I need something.  I am not first in line with two other little needy beings in the house. 
I swear they pick up on change and it affects their reactions and behaviours.  They have been quite difficult for John all day (from what I have heard anyway!)  Lots of screeching and protesting.... more than normal!  And they have not been near me in here all day.  Don't think they appreciate lack of mummy!

I am tired of it too.  I hate being reliant on others!  I feel like such a pest.  I had to cancel a class at Scrapbook Station today, and I hate doing that too.  People looking forward to something and i have to cancel.  Let alone poor Janine having to ring each one and tell them their day has been altered!  I would be disappointed if it were me.  On the other hand I can barely stand up on my own legs, So physically going out and teaching a class is impossible.  Just hate it being out of my control I guess!  Totally pesky!

One good thing...... I have had lots of time to surf!  (without moving obviously!)  I checked Ngaire Bartlam's blog today and hours later I am here.  I love it when people link other sites to their blog, and Ngaire's blog is loaded!  All throughout her entries are sites she has found interesting things at.  Some I will never visit again, but some are very cool.  So if you are ever laid out, with nothing to do (Sound's like a busy Mother's dream.....bit less pain would be good though, he he he!!)

Any way, Here are a couple of LO's I am teaching at Scrapbook Station  Bit long in coming. but better late than never!Fancy_a_flourish_2

Fancyaflourish1_1 "Fancy a flourish"

Designer_blueprint_1 "Designer Blueprints"Designer_blueprint_detail_2




"Technical Benefits"

The_painted_page_2 The_painted_pagedetail_1"The painted Page"

So that's about it for tonight!  Now I just need to finish all those ISC class LO's and Projects that I never completed in class.  I like to add my own spin on class work, to make it a bit more my own, but this takes longer, so I never actually completed anything.  LOVE-LOVE-LOVED it though!  The whole weekend was amazing.  Met so many amazing people.  Suse, Debbie, Jeni, Cali, Roz, Kellie, Jan, Juanita, Loretta,Trish, Then the tutors, Allanah, Ngaire, Zina, and Kerrin.  Just amazing.  Lots of people I have seen published or been on their blogs, but have never met.  They are all just regular ladies who share my passion.  Creating art with our everyday lives as inspiration.  Can't get much better than that!  NOW i JUST NEED TO GET UPRIGHT TO GET DOWN STAIRS AND DO SOME OF THIS CREATION STUFF!!!  This too shall pass!

Night all.  Glad you could visit, please say Hi!

Dell x

Saturday, May 27, 2006

argh-you are kidding!!

I just wrote this huge entry, about ISC and my DS struggling with sleep, and pressed the wrong button and totally lost it!  Wow!  Talk about it!  Too late now.  Gotta go to bed and get some sleep!

Sorry, update later. 


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I have not been good at blogging lately.  I have wanted to, but just have not gotten around to it.  Hopefully better from here on.  I have done some more LO's.  Some for the Scrapbook Station for the new class schedule, some for 'just cause'...all for fun!  Even though deadlines kinda takes a bit of the fun out....especially when you have missed them!  I am looking forward to the next few months.  Janine just posted us with the next lot of topics for the Design team at Scrapbook Station and they are great!  I don't think there are any that I can say...."Well I might skip that one..." I am excited about doing all of them.

New_roomI went to IKEA the other day and decked out my scrap room a little more!  Oh fun.  We had a girls day out.  Mum, Mazzie and I!  I adored this store!  Must go back.  It has only just opened here in Adelaide, and is very busy....especially on a Sunday.  But it was so good, I didn't even really care about the people.  I am a sucker for innovative space saving storage solutions.  Anything that makes cleaning and tidyness easier! 

It is so much fun decking out my room.  I am spending more time organising than actually scrapping!  Oh well!  I guess to scrap efficiently, the room has to be organised!

May_046_1 I did this LO a while ago, just after I bought the MM foam flower stamps.  Just bliss!  I adore them.  There will be many more flower LO's from here on in I think.


I used white MM acrylic paint for stamping, then painted over a few with windsor & Newton irridescent medium....MMMMM delicious!  I had fun anyway.  I will finish posting some other LO's later.  You know you have been on the computer too long, when you get bombarded by... "I wanna cuddoo", accompanied by a child forcing himself on your lap to hinder any more computer work.  Had better go and "cuddoo"  Not so bad!  'Cuddoo's' are pretty good!


Saturday, May 6, 2006

Check her out!

My sister has just started her own blog.  She has been reluctant until now!  She lives in a small country town and has a little boy 6 weeks younger than mine.  She spends a great deal of time on her own with a husband who works LOTS!  I finally convinced her of the value of meeting like minded people, and how it just gives you a 'lift' when people leave a message for you.  I valued this when my DH was away.  Anyway she is just getting going with this blog business and has just a bit up to see.  I am sure she will load more LO's and photos once she gets on her feet!  Take a look at Siann anyway!

Well I had better finish up for tonight.  We have had several uneasy nights recently, and I can feel it!



Friday, May 5, 2006


Well, how exciting....My first Tag!  Thanks Kathie, my fellow Adelaidian friend

In my Fridge
Nothing gross as I have recently cleaned it out!!!  Had anyone asked a week ago, I would have had to have lied!                                             Lots of fat milk ( both kids still drink bottles/sippy cups in morning and evening) Lite start (my milk),  Cheese, Lots of Salad and Vegies,

In my Closet
Far too many clothes for the size and space!  We really need some sort of space saving organization!                                                               A vaporiser for the kids, A wireless modem for the internet, My wedding dress I am too scared to look at as I did not get it dry cleaned straight after the wedding.

In my handbag
Purse, pens, pencils, neurofen, lipbalm, scissors, address book, diary, handcream, mobile, 3 sets of keys, phone headset, 

In my car

Far too many toys, Street directory, sunnies, Baby seats, blankets,
Pram, picnic rug, nappy bag,
CDs – Colin Buchanan (Kids fav) Kelly Clarkson, Avalon, Many others!

On my DVD / Video player

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Breaking the blogging drought!

Sooo slack!  It has been quite a while.  A month.  I blogged almost every other day and then we went away for a while and the fam got sick and I just have not been able to make the time!  That even sounds slack I know!  I have had a few deadlines also, a design team one for scrapbook station and am still racing to finish the last two LO's for the shop.  The class schedule is out I believe, and my  LO's are not on the wall.  Tch, tch, tch!

I have missed reading blogs too!  Back on the ball now, and I will post some more LO's as they are photographed! (Have to wait for daylight for this, digital camera doesn't like night photography.)

Mumemail_1 This is the Design Team one on 'Mum'  She would probably laugh her head off at the subtitle, but she has worked so hard over the years, she could easily be very 'rural'...if you know what I mean!  She is not at all though,  She could easily live in the city undetected!  Not too countrified.  I remember when I used to come to church social events in the city as a teeneger, and It always came up,  'You have an accent!  Are you from the country!'  -Yep!  Don't know how it showed, but it always got spoken about!  I didn't think I was that 'countrified'.....Anyway!

Well should make an effort to sleep.  I am getting progressively frustrated with the antics of toddlers, and feel like I might snap well before I should.  It is all sleep related for me.  I can tell when i am tired.  A three year old 'whine' can really get under my skin, especially if he is tired too.  Mazzie has just started demanding exactly what she wants and screams right in my face if she doesn't get it.  A sign of things to come then......Oh, oh!  Thought she might be a little tamer than Denver at two, but it is not looking good.  She is a real little Miss.  Totally adorable, even with body thrown on floor and arms and legs thrashing about.  She yells, stops for my reaction for a sec, then continues until the frustration passes.  It does not help when i am laughing!  It is funny though!  Probably wont be in a few months when she knows exactly what she is doing.  At the moment it is fairly new, and you can tell she just loses it and doesn't know quite what to do with her frustration!

On that note, I had best turn in or I wont be laughing at the tantrums tomorrow!!!



Wednesday, April 5, 2006

A little on the tired side!

Tuesday today...Thought it was Wednesday, even told Denver that Auntie Janine, Lachlan, Cameron & Ethan might come to visit...Then realised it was not wednesday and had all sorts of screaming and gnashing of teeth explaining it would be tomorrow, not today!  Oh dear...not off to a good start!  It's the end of the day now....It got better for a while, when My in-laws dropped in, the kids were very excited....But down hill from there!  We are all tired.  I am having this thing at the moment where I am laying awake for hours in the middle of the night.  I usually sleep!  it's driving me batty! 

Anyway, on the other hand I did finish a LO for a class at Scrapbook Station.  It will be a fun one.  There are several 'artistic' techniques involved and it should be fun. Lots of preparation on my part to fit it into 2 hours but I like doing classes that give people a lot of information, to use on future pages.  This one uses all the things I really love at the moment.  Paint, lettering, chipboard and paint!   mmmm.


Anyway DH just made me a coffee...Might just go and relax with it for a sec, before I need to get ready for feeding time at the zoo.

Bye x

Friday, March 31, 2006

New LO!

Good morning!  Overcast and grey here, and just a little cool, quite nice!  I completed another Lo yesterday, another one dayer!  Very exciting (for me at least)  I like feeling productive!  This one is a boy one.  Poor Denver not too many n his direction, compared to the lovely pink pages I am addicted too.  Two years of blue, green and orange have ruined it for me.  Mazzie gets all these lovely pink pages.  On the other hand, Denvers pages were all about recording milestones, and How wonderful it felt to be his mum etc.  Mazzies are mostly just pretty compared to his album of his first year.  I must force myself to do more on her acheivements and stages, as she will probably be the one more likely to be sentimental about all this stuff than Denver.  I may be wrong, there certainly are boys who are interested in their childhood stuff.  My DH is not one of them!!!  His Mum has given us some little toys that he had when he was little, and they are a little rickety, but DH doesn't mind Denver playing with them unattended and he has damaged them.  I tried to put them up, for him to appreciate when he is older.  Oh well!

Here's the page anyway.  Basic Grey and 7 Gypsies PP, 

Whatsinaname_1 It was a fun page to do,  I feel like it was recording him growing up!  He gets all his nicknames from his Dad basically.  Both DH and his Dad have a quirky humour, and I can already see it coming out in Denver!  Too cute!

I like using more than one picture of the same session cause I feel gives a bit more insight into what I am trying to record.

I really like red as an accent at the moment too.  This page has a bit more than 'accent' red though!

Well I would like to head downstairs today too but I have several things that need to be done before tomorrow, and a couple of loads of washing...and some housework...So maybe I wont make it into the scrap room today!

Thanks for taking a look!

Lydell x

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back to normal!

Well, what do you know....I lived through it!!!  I have a husband and mobility!  It actually took a bit to accept DH home after all that.  With the tricky time I had with sickness and back problems I think I must have been a bit resentful.  It took me a while to get back to normal.  Until the last few days I had everything under control and in order, more than when DH is home.  I was lots more organised and felt very in control.  I think when John is home I expect him to do some things and when they don't get done I feel annoyed and don't do them myself just on principal.  So things aren't always in their place.  (My DH gets something out and just can not return it to it's place!)  This gets me grumpy cause I feel I am picking up after 3 kids.  When he was gone though, I did do everything and made an effort to put stuff away as they were used and the place was spotless for 2 1/2 weeks!  Lovely!  (Apart from being lonely i had everything under control,  Nice feeling!)

Like I said though...Things are back to normal.  Dh took some days off to help with the little ones and I am able to lift Mazzie (very carefully...but I can!) Denver is in Day care today, so it is 9.30 and the house is relatively tidy!  I have been watching Nick JR all morning, but at least Mazzie is playing quietly.  Usually when Denver goes to day care Mazz is very clingy and I still can't get anything done!  So far so good.

Anyway I must thank everyone who bothered to comment over the last few weeks.  You probably don't realise how much I looked forward to checking my blog every day when DH was away and how much it altered the start of my day to find people I have not met caring enough to take the time to write a note!  So thankyou to those people.  You all made a difference!  Most of all though I want to thank Janine, She was the one person who made a constant attempt through out the time John was away to come visit and have us all over for dinner.  She organised to come over so I had some adult interaction several times and rang often just to check I was ok.  I so appreciated it.  Everyone else was worried about catching the flu ( which with little kids is very understandable...Just very unfortunate timing!)  But Janine came anyway.  It meant a lot to me,  so thankyou very much Janine

You helped make the time John was away barable! (XXOO- big hugs for you!)

Ok...I have a child crawling all over me and I have to delete un-needed letters every few words I write as she is 'helping' So I had better finish up.

Have a good day all!

Dell x

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's happened again!

Well....I am flat!  I have had a recurring back problem for years now, and every now and then ( becoming more frequently these days) I end up on my back unable to move.  It makes you realise how much we rely on our backs for almost every move, and how much we should appreciate good back health!  I have a wonderful Chiropractor that has fixed me fairly quickly ( in the scheme of things) every time this has occurred for the last 4 times!  the last time, I was very pregnant with Missy Moo.  But...I am  still very resentful, that in order to keep this at all under control, there are things I just can not do, and I have had to come to terms with the fact I have to go to the Chiro once a month.  Grrr.  This time is not as bad as others, but I still had to call Mum and plead for assistance with a three YO and a 16 mth old.  I can't do much at all to keep this household running!  Cant get down to change nappies, lift Moo into her high chair or in or out of her cot.  Can't stand to help her eat, let alone get food!  John doesn't get home until Thursday ( So yes....on the home stretch with lack of husband issue!!)  So poor Mum, ( with back problems of her own!) is trying to look after her grandbabies and gets the very next Chiro appointment after mine each Time I go!

So that has been my week since Saturday so far!  can only get better from here!!! (hopefully)

Have a great week everyone reading this!

Lydell x

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Woohoo!!!!!  Got an E-mail today from 'For Keeps' accepting a LO I submitted....Not for what I submitted it for, but I don't care 'bout that!  Very excited.  I keep saying it's my first, but I do have one going in the 'Awards for Excellence book'  But for some reason, ( can't tell you why...)  I am much more excited about this!!!  Issue 44 for Handmade embellishments!  Now that I have sung about this, back to normal everyday stuff!!!  I checked out the ISC classes tody, now just got to decide which ones to do!  This is all very exciting too!  I get to leave my babies for a whole weekend and go scrappin'  ( Saying it like that makes it sound awful to me...I'll have to rephrase it I think I'm starting to feel guilty!)  I have not been away from them, except to work at my LSS teaching classes etc.  And one evening My Mum looked after them while DH & I went on a houseboat for the evening for a 21st.  I think about it too much and start to think...How can I leave my babies for that long???Oh dear....Will have to get past this!  I am going! 

Well DH has just called, and arrived safely in London.  Wont be getting too many things from there.  Terribly expensive compared to the US.  He has bought me some 501's and was supposed to visit a SS for me.  Told him I'm into alphabets at the moment, dropped him a few brand names!!!  We shall see!  It is mid day there and an hour to midnight here.  Easier to work out the time difference now!

Anyway....Best get to bed...Kids are recharging as we speak!

Night x

Friday, March 17, 2006

Try again....

Well I am still mad that I have to type this again!!!

Anyway.  My little Moo fell off a barstool on Tuesday.  Just awful.  Raced around the breakfast bar to pick her up and there is blood everywhere.  When I finally soaked it all up and could see inside her mouth, I could see that she had bitten her tongue severely.  I had no idea tongues bled so badly.  We spent the next few hours up at the hospital.  Poor little girl, it was around her bed time and she had such a sore mouth, she cried and cried (after grinning to all the admin people when we checked in.)  Made me so sad.  She was coping ok.  but Mum wasn't... I could have cried!  I am a mess when my kids hurt themselves, after the fear has passed I am just so sad they have to feel the pain.  Little man D got his finger stuck in the door (on the hinge side) the other night and I could not tell whether to open or close the door to make the crack wider to get his little finger out.  He screamed and screamed.  When it was all over I just cried! 

Anyway Doctors said they can not suture the tongue and it should heal on it's own.  Wish I knew that before I sat (or rather paced) with a baby for hours!

So apparently, unless they are bleeding from the nose or ears, or showing other wierd symptoms,  accident and emergency can't really do anything with a bitten tongue!

I did a LO today.  It's always a challenge to see how quickly I can do a LO.  I see all these blogs where these wonder women have children and probably a day job (although the kids at home is a day job to me!!!) and they have beautiful Lo's coming out of their ears!  Like the amazing Kiesha.  I so love her work at the moment, it really grabs me.  But every time I look at her blog there is not one new LO but 2 or even more!  Incredible.  Can not seem to do this!  I will strive.  I don't have too many deadlines though, that could make a difference!

I did do some submitting today.  I have decided to put myself out there a bit more, mainly for work's sake, but I know it could make me a little more confident with myself, on the other hand it's a gamble, cause it can diminish self confidence just as easily I would say!  I would imagine too many with no responses or knock backs would not feel too good!  Anyway I have bitten the bullet, and have started emailing LO's into mags!   Wont expect too much!

Ok, Here 'tisWhat_an_effort

Again no patterned paper.  Have been avoiding it lately,  just does not go with what I see in my head!  Bit odd!

I love paint and fine detail, and stitching and flowers and dimensional seeming to go back to the same methods that are my favourites.


So Yep...I am proud.  This is the product of Thursday!And I had two little ones all day too, so I didn't work on it non stop.  Just headed downstairs about 3 times during the day.  (LO's can take weeks in this household!!!)

Well might do a little surfing before I head off to bed.  This is the end of Day 9.  Doing very well!

night all xx

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day 7 and counting....

Day 7...It has not been too bad I guess.  Another 9 days to go!  I have been keeping busy.  The kids have been good so far which has been great, I anticipated the worst, but they have been very easy to get along with.  D has caught my cold, and even with this he has been good for me,  and he has potential not to be!!!  I am very proud of him, (and relieved!)  We tend to clash.  He does not respond well to authoritarian parenting and that's what I am....So Dr. Phil says!  We bought his 'Phenomenal Family' book and it is just tremendous!  Starting at this age, and moving through till when they may leave home....Gives me hope that I could just end up with a child who wants to be at home with us at 15, not wishing we weren't his parents!!!  It's a scary thought.  I don't want to think too much past 3 at this point!

Anyway, first LO completed since John has been gone.  Thought I would get sooo much done while he was away, but last night was the first time I went down stairs to scrap since he has been gone.  Just couldn't go down there by myself.  Sounds rediculous.....

She Lots of sewing on this one.  Hours and hours in fact.  A project I started mid last year.  I did all the sequining and beading around the corner first, then it sat in Madam Moo's album for ages.  I just got it out a fortnight or so ago and did a bit more playing.  DS then drew all over the bottom corner of it with his favourite coloured texta....BLACK!  Which was just lovely.  I am always up for a challenge, and it has happened before,  DS loves drawing and mummy's scrapping!!!  So I added a few layers or white paint, and strategically placed the photos, and voilla...You would never know!

I am fairly happy with the results.  It was very therapeudic to do!Beading Beading2 Well must go start this day.  L xx

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well it is Saturday morning here, Friday evening in Washington.  I have just uploaded a few extra photos for my DH.  Can't get fresher than these.  Taken about 10 minutes ago!  I have worked out how to use the timer button on the camera.  Worked ok....Just need to work out how to take pictures of the children now, both just want to come around to the back of the camera to see the picture I am taking through the screen.  Not at all conducive to good photos!!!


I am on the sudafed again this morning.  J knew when to leave!  I wondered whether D was getting sick today.....So grizzly.  Just not himself.  It may be just me feeling awful though and getting rattled easier!

37 degrees here today.  Had the air conditioning on all night, it made it quite cool.  It's nice inside at the moment.   But it's only 9:35 am!

Well Little man D is repeatedly asking for a 'cuddool'  (cuddle)  So I had better go give him one!

Bye xx

11 to go!

Today was not too bad.  I have caught the flu, which is always nice when your home alone with the kids.  They were very good though.  We went out to get some 'supplies'.  I have had Denver sleeping next to me in our room ( on a fold out bed on the floor)  He has trouble sleeping on his own in his room.  I pulled the bed apart today and thought I would give it another go to get him to sleep in his room.  He is so scared of 'monsters' that he wont even use the main bathroom anymore because his bedroom door is right next to the bathroom door and when the roller shutter is down in his bedroom, the doorway is black.  He has to use my ensuite!  I have told him over and over that there are no monsters, they are only on tv.  But he is certain there is and they are hiiding anywhere dark.  Anyway I thought I might get his a new lamp, maybe a buzz lamp if I could find one....He was very excited by the prospect so out we went.  There were no Buzz lamps, but I did find a rope light, that hangs from the ceiling.  So we got that instead!Night_lights

It really isn't quite as bright as this photo suggests.  It is quite a nice ambient glow.  He was happy to stay in there at bed time.  Have only had to put him back once so far and it is 11.30pm....Not too bad!  Tonight will tell.

Well my DH is going to some friends he meets up with each time he is in Washington, for dinner tomorrow night.  They look after him each time he is there, and he is using my blog to show them some more recent photos of the kids.

So lots of kind regards to the Nichols family in Washington.  One day we will actually meet!  I get more and more jealous each time J goes overseas.  I would really like to see Washington for myself.  I got very excited of the prospect of living there for a year....But that fell through.  I don't think I would be brave enough again.  But I would certainly like to see The states.

Anyway...Day three down.  11 more to go!  Yay.  I cleaned once the babes had gone to bed tonight.  Nice clean floors again.  J should be proud of me.....There was water all over the floor in the bathroom tonight. I had been accusing Little man D of wetting the toilet mat when ever he has 'gone'  but all the mats were soaked this evening.  I checked and found the very slow drip behind the bowl.  I checked for anything untoward, then reached behind and tightened a joint thingy up, and it stopped the drip!  Yay....Dreaded calling the plumber!  The weekend and all.  I imagined spending the weekend up to my ears in soggy towels trying to keep the water from flooding the house!

I wont even need a husband if he is away for too long!  LOL.  (Just kidding J.)

Well should go to bed!  Getting late and I am getting a little weary.  I took some sudafed about an hour ago, and they are having some effect I think!

Well DH if you read this....I love you.  Stay safe,

Ps.  Mazzie saw a man walk past her at the shops today, and must have thought is was you cause she started yelling out hysterically "DADDY, DADDY"  I had to soosh her!  They miss you.  The helicopter that was flying over our house this morning, was "going to the helicopter port to pick up my friend daddy " today!  He does not get why you dont just come home.  He has been to the stairs twice today cause he thought he heard the door and 'Daddy was coming home'!...

Night anyway....

LCQ xx

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Day 1 with out Daddy.

Needle_box Completed this today.  Not a hard project, but it will do a job that will make my life easier.  I love pretty things, but I love things that look pretty and are useful.

So janine you will be happy that it is finished by today, and that the first thing I did was to photograph it and put it on my blog!!!

My dear other half flew out this morning for Washington.  He has learnt something from all the times he has been away and not called when he said he was going to and had an almost hysterical wife on the other end of the phone when he did call home.  He called at 9am to let me know he was in Sydney.  Good boy!  I am a worrier!  I think the worst, even though I don't really believe anything is wrong, I play events out in my mind...'What-would-I-do?' kind of thing, which is awful.  Logically anything that could happen could happen as easily here at home, but it feels worse from the other side of the world. 

Day 1 has been ok so far.  I have been planning and setting things up, so i am not alone for too many days!  Lovely Janine is visiting with her boys in about an hour to wear out my two so they will go to bed easier!!!  Denver loves these kids coming to play. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

B_yourself750 Ok...Not totally sure how this works.  It is a bit diferent than my last blog to upload photos.  Will see if this works!

This is a LO that is branching into the bright colours, that I have always steered away from!  They are becoming increasingly attractive to me.  The photos are some I ttok of Missy Moo when she was climbing the stairs and they are a bit blurry, but I love them...I kept them smallish and they don't look too bad!

Maya Road flowers and dimentional fluid, jigsaw letters (MM ) and more domensional fluid!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Right that's it!!!

Ok, I changed something in the configuration section, hopefully NOW it will allow comments. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2006


What a busy day!  I have completed another thing that I need to this week before we all head off to Sydney!  I have a list as long as my arm!!!

I have just been trying to find out wht my site is not allowing anyone to leave comments.   A bug in the system!  I have been everywhere and have learnt just a little bit more tonight about web sites!!!  Hopefully now it will co-operate.  I had wondered if it was anything to do with the fact that I keep getting messages saying that because I have been tempted by the '1 month free' that until I offer to pay the second this FREE period is over, they can not promise uneventful running of this blog!!!  So I guarranteed payment if I decided not to pay by the 31st day.  ( as if that is going to happen with all the EFFORT I have put in to getting to know the workings of this site.  I was not too far from computer illiteracy!  So I am in it for the long haul!!!)

Anyway sorry for the people who I know tried to make me feel good by leaving a comment!!!

Maybe now better luck!


Monday, February 27, 2006


Wow!  My feet are sooo sore.....We worked at the scrapbooking fair today, and although we did hire some chairs, we never actually received them, so the three of us were on our feet all day.  It was a good day though.  I was kept relatively busy, with the make and take tags.  People seemed to enjoy them, and all the proceeds are for Sids for Kids, which is certainly a good cause.  It is a few hours since I got home now, and the feeling of standing all day is just beginning to hit!  My two little bodies missed me though, and that is a nice change, since they are with me all the time and only ever get a chance to miss daddy!  It is lovely when they run to give ME a cuddle.  It's a sore point.  My little Miss is Daddy's girl and pushes me away if I get too close to Daddy when he is holding her.  It is just lovely to see, and I warn my DH all the time that he had better be appreciating it.  I would just revel in it!  She does need mum though if she gets hurt!

DH took both of them into the city today to get some things he needed,  Tried Rio's to get me some Crema (?? Apparently is better than esspresso)  But it was closed!  GRRR.  We do have 2 kilos of espresso...So all is not lost!  Would have loved one when I got home this evening, but am a little wary these days of caffeine that late in the day.  Sleep is so precious in our household, that I dare not self inflict a reason to be awake at 3am!  Madam Moo has been sorting that out for me.  Both of my dear little souls are on the mend from their nasty bug though, so hopefully they will regain some of their better sleep patterns!

DH is getting really good at having these two all day.  Not that long ago the house looked like a bomb had hit it, nothing had been touched,  and Madam Moo may not have even had a proper lunch!!... whenever I returned home from work, but these days, things are neat, barr a few toys, dishes in the dishwasher, a load of washing on the line, Dried laundry folded ready to be put away, kids bathed and fed,  Missy Moo has had her bedtime bottle and a plate of dinner for me in the fridge.  Can't get too much better than this.  I am very appreciative.  He does a very good job.

Well should head off to bed anyway,  Good night!

Dell x

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Things to do...Things to do!

There are just two weeks left before J heads off to Washington and London, or wherever he is ending up over there during the fortnight he is away.  Which means I only have a fortnight to complete all the things I have to get done before we too head over to Sydney.  I'm going over there while DH is away so I am not home alone here!  We will visit J's Sister and cousin Kate who is in Newcastle.  We will drive over, so I can take toys for the kids, the portacot and pram and all the other things we might need during that time.  Not to mention how nice it will be to have the car.  I don't know this area at all.  I don't remember much from College, as far as places go.  I guess it was about 14 years ago. 

I think I have a few LO's due for the design team, we need to get Katies Newcastle invites done, Katies birthday present needs completing as does her engagement present!  Oh my.  I should not be on line really!

BUT....Madam Moo has just gone to sleep and I am enjoying some quiet time!  She did not sleep well last night.  Neither did D.  Both have the flu.  It is not fun when little people are sick.  Now I feel fairly ordinary.  Am getting a sore throat.  This is the third night we have had not much sleep.  So I guess it is inevitable I get the flu too.

Well this had better be it for today!