Monday, June 26, 2006

Light at the end...

Finally...I think my back is starting to heal.  I did a class today and it was not so bad.  I needed a heat pack by the end of it, but it was an accomplishment.  4 weeks it's been.  Too long when you have to be a wife and Mum and not just a 'being' on the couch!  I even noticed the carpet in front of the lounge has many more marks on it than it had 4 weeks ago. (from the kids, not me!!) The kids got so used to bringing things to me and talking to me in front of the lounge when they needed something. 

Nothing going on in the scrapping world, although I wish there was!  I have not been able to sit or stand for any length of time.  I have completed 1 LO in the last 4 weeks. Hmph....very disapointing.  I have tried mind you.  The one for the Scrapbook Station DT was done standing and laying, standing and laying...etc!  But it got done!  Must spend some time tomorrow, just hope the little ones are co-operative.

Nothing more to report on. 

Back soon, with stuff to share..... hopefully!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Quick week!

Wednesday already,  The weeks go by so quickly these days.  They certainly do with a public holiday at the beginning of the week, then a DH home sick from work for two days, which brought me very quickly to Wednesday!  I had very little sleep last night with two unsettled little ones.  DH sick, so up to me.  Was a long night, which in turn means a long day!  Both really grizzly, which does not help!  Much nicer now however, Dh took DS to Rio's to get more coffee.  This is the lovliest coffee!  We are on the last few beans which is hazardous!!!  DD home with me and is quiet for the first time today!  We will head off to the chiro and a tiny bit of shopping in an hour or so. 

Does anyone know whether electric blankets are ok for kids?  DS does not wet the bed anymore, but that is not saying he wont ever again!  He gets up so many times a night, and he is freezing each time.  I have been heating up my wheat bag gently for him to snuggle, (works a treat) but he is starting to wake and wanting me to reheat it every couple of hours (not really working for me now!) I am wondering if he is waking because he is uncomfortable?  I would try anything at this stage.  I know he has to grow out of it, and he is starting to put himself back to bed now, which is alot nicer for me.   

My dear friend from highschool dropped in on the weekend.  I have not seen her for probably 6 months or so.  We get so busy in our own lives that the time just flies by.  It was so nice to see her and her DS and DD.  They are such nice kids.  Hope mine turn out as lovely towards me as she has managed.  They are such a close family!

Well should go.  Other half will be back soon, and I should make the most of only one child at a time!!!

I will share a new LO for Scrapbook Station DT


Plain Textured cardstock and a Heidi Swapp flower and circle alphas.  Printed the picture at home and cut it out slightly! Stamped wording over black section with white STAZon.

Was quite happy with it considering I have included some of the not so good things about me!  Oh well like it says, I am what I am!

Back soon,



Saturday, June 3, 2006

Just a quickie!  Just found Cold Play for my blog.  i am just loving this song at the moment.  The music is just great.  Had to actually pay attention to the words to make sure they weren't too odd!

Well the beginning of a weekend...yay.  I do have a class on Sunday, so that is working, but there is something about being surrounded by beautiful and delicious things that make your work environment a happy place!  Scrapbook Station is good for that!  I do spend all my pay before I get it though!  Occupational hazzard I guess...mmmm, not at all concerned!  I am still having back issues, so I do hope it is a little better by Sunday.  Probably not too proffessional to do a lap around everyone then have to give instructions to everyone laying on the floor for the next 10 mins!

Ok.  Must go to bed.  Made a deal with Denver that if he can sleep in his bed all night, he can have the Bob the Builder toy I sat next to his bed, (to remind him to stay put if he wakes up in the night)

We shall see!

Night all x