Friday, July 30, 2010

Palette Release #17 {Her Room} for The Color Room

Today we released a new Palette........#17 is from Her Room.

Visit  The Color Room 
if you'd like to join in the challenge.

This time it was a little more tricky......but the DT showed us it can be done,  tricky as it may be......It is meant to be a challenge after all!!!!

I also released a Free Paper Pack which coordinates with #16's palette.  I used this for my LO. which maybe why I didnt struggle so much with mine.......wasn't so bad at all using the pack.  You can download it here Download TCR#16 paper from

Just follow the instructions and click on the BIG blue text at the bottom of the page to start the download.  Save it and unzip the file by clicking on extract all files and they will be ready to use.

Here is what i did with them.  I printed out the 3- A4 sheets containing a 1/2 sheet of 6 papers which was plenty for what i did with it.....I had quite a good amount left over too (for this weeks card!!!!)

I cut each paper into one inch strips and glued it onto printer paper, then stitched the 'seams' on my machine.  then I cut the paper the other way creating the squares and I realigned them to create the patchwork pattern.
It actually made the papers more cohesive together, as they may not normally 'go' together.  But the result was fine.....I know some struggled with this one.......But it can be done.  The Design Team did a fabulous job

And.....the super quick card to go with #17.  Made from the pile of pre selected and prestitched (in this case) leftovers from the LO!!!!  Just the sort of card you want in your stash!!!!

Ok.....Now I need to start work on #18.  Some day i would like to NOT be creating my LO during the release of a palette!!!!  ONE day!!!!

She is Finally here........

My dear and long awaited little niece is finally here.  Oh my goodness is she ever delightful.

Ellyah Nerae 
(Pron. "E-lee-ah")
Here she is just a few hours after she was born.  I could hardly put her down!  Far too many relatives wanting cuddles....I had to share far too much!!!!

Her two big brothers will take good care of her......well one will at least.......they may have to keep an eye on the other one.  Emi is likely to tie something round her and hitch her behind his bike!!! (Hes 4!!!)
Raine just sat with her and stared into her face for ages looking at her fingers and toes......brought tears to your eyes how much he was adoring her!!!  And you can just imagine the Mum.......she is is awe of her.

They are all coming to stay on the weekend.  LOTs of cuddles for me!!!

Palette Release #16 {Family Room}

Hi again.....
Here we are with Palette #16

Nice Colours to work with this week.  Very easy combination....especially if you think leaves and botanicals!

I did go a little botanical with my LO.  But I could definately do more of this palette!


Some lovely handcut American Crafts Leafy paper......I love It......I think I only got two sheets.  Good part is, that if you cut it up like this it will last a while!!!!

 I have also started doing a Card with the left over products sitting on my table after i do a layout for a palette.  I know the colours work together, I can incorporate some part of my LO I just completed into it, like a technique or the sketch.  AND  all the products are all out and there ready to go.  So far the cards only take a few minutes, which is great!!!!

This was so very easy!  I had already cut out the shaped cardstock and written on the flower.  All I had to do was to draw pen stitching, write my sentiment and tie my button!  So quick!  

Head on over to The Color Room and get into a challenge.  It is lots of fun and peole are really good at gallery love over there!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Palette Release #15 {Sun Room} due BEFORE July 23

#15 was released this morning In The Color Room This morning. It was a little tricky to begin with when you cant find anything in your stash that matches the palette......big drawback!!!! But paints and mists save the day!!!

Here is the palette

The colours really do compliment each other nicely once you actually get started!!!!
Heres my LO using thses colours
It came together ok after I finally worked out what I was going to do with the colour situation.....or lack of!!!!  I rubbed purple chalk onto the background, which brought out that gorgeous embossed cardstock!  I re-painted some Girls Parerie Printed Paper with purples and burgandy to match the palette, and I cut out some chipboard elements with the bigshot to create the flower and label pieces.  Finally pen work and liquid peals and some inking and its done!!!!

Well thats me for today.....a busy one ahead......I will catch up later.  Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Palette Release #14

Hi there again!

  First week of the School holidays here this week.....can not believe 1 week is already done.......My word it's zoomed by!  I am hoping this next week goes slower.  Its been a good week though.

Palette #14 was released this morning In The Color Room Its a bright one this week.  Such pretty colours to work with and so many options......Head on over and play along if you have not already!  Its great fun!

And my Layout using this Palette
 Denver took some pictures of the two of us.  I certainly did not expect to be able to scrap them......He did a good job.  Photos of J and I are few and far between!!!
AND  for the first time in weeks I had it finished before the day was out!!!!  Next week I am going for 'before' the release!!!!  LOL!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

TCR # 13

This is my LO for Palette #12, which was last weeks palette ( Yes I know I was just a bit behind!!!!)  I finished it off finally. 


And the Palette I used (#13)
Such pretty Colours!

If you would like to play along, drop in on The Color Room.  New palettes and loads of inspiration ever week.