Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Up and atom!

It is such a pretty day here in Adelaide.  Very sunny, still just a little chilly though!  Nothing like a bright sunny day to lift the spirits.  My DH has to go in to work today.  He took yesterday off to look after the little ones, as I am still out of action.  Today I am feeling a little better, but am still very sore ( bad back) I should be ok though!  Might be fun putting Missy Moo to bed at lunch time,(Lifting her into her cot)  But I should be able to manage.  My Chiro does not work today either, so I will have to wait until tomorrow, which is probably a good thing, as he can't really do to much in the way of realignment when I am so sore! 

I just went to visit this site and found these alphabet stamps called My Acrylix Oh so yummy!  It is one of those party plan things though, AND they are only in the US.  GRRRR.....I could have myself some of these real easy!  I searched and searched the other day for someone who sold Pigment Pro pens (American Crafts)  But nope.  Did find some on E-bay, but they are coming from America, and the postage was $18.  What a killer!  I did get the pens really cheap for what they would cost per pen here, and I have every colour in every size I believe.  Yippee.  Can't wait till they come now!  Supposedly really nice for journaling!

Got the lastest Stampin' Up catalogue (here) yesterday too.  Actually found a consultant in SA and she sent it to me.  They are just starting to sell in Australia.  They have a set of date stamps I adore.  MMMMM Yum!

Well must get on with this day, as best as I can.  That might mean getting up!  I have been laying down for two days now, and I am pretty sick of it.  Might be time to take some pain relief and soldier on!

Have a good day everyone,

Lydell xx

Monday, May 29, 2006

Down again!

Well, I Shall try again!  Slower this time, as my back has gone again and I am laying flat typing with one hand!  Sooo frustrating.  I have been in bed all day and have had to wait for poor DH to get around to me each time I need something.  I am not first in line with two other little needy beings in the house. 
I swear they pick up on change and it affects their reactions and behaviours.  They have been quite difficult for John all day (from what I have heard anyway!)  Lots of screeching and protesting.... more than normal!  And they have not been near me in here all day.  Don't think they appreciate lack of mummy!

I am tired of it too.  I hate being reliant on others!  I feel like such a pest.  I had to cancel a class at Scrapbook Station today, and I hate doing that too.  People looking forward to something and i have to cancel.  Let alone poor Janine having to ring each one and tell them their day has been altered!  I would be disappointed if it were me.  On the other hand I can barely stand up on my own legs, So physically going out and teaching a class is impossible.  Just hate it being out of my control I guess!  Totally pesky!

One good thing...... I have had lots of time to surf!  (without moving obviously!)  I checked Ngaire Bartlam's blog today and hours later I am here.  I love it when people link other sites to their blog, and Ngaire's blog is loaded!  All throughout her entries are sites she has found interesting things at.  Some I will never visit again, but some are very cool.  So if you are ever laid out, with nothing to do (Sound's like a busy Mother's dream.....bit less pain would be good though, he he he!!)

Any way, Here are a couple of LO's I am teaching at Scrapbook Station  Bit long in coming. but better late than never!Fancy_a_flourish_2

Fancyaflourish1_1 "Fancy a flourish"

Designer_blueprint_1 "Designer Blueprints"Designer_blueprint_detail_2




"Technical Benefits"

The_painted_page_2 The_painted_pagedetail_1"The painted Page"

So that's about it for tonight!  Now I just need to finish all those ISC class LO's and Projects that I never completed in class.  I like to add my own spin on class work, to make it a bit more my own, but this takes longer, so I never actually completed anything.  LOVE-LOVE-LOVED it though!  The whole weekend was amazing.  Met so many amazing people.  Suse, Debbie, Jeni, Cali, Roz, Kellie, Jan, Juanita, Loretta,Trish, Then the tutors, Allanah, Ngaire, Zina, and Kerrin.  Just amazing.  Lots of people I have seen published or been on their blogs, but have never met.  They are all just regular ladies who share my passion.  Creating art with our everyday lives as inspiration.  Can't get much better than that!  NOW i JUST NEED TO GET UPRIGHT TO GET DOWN STAIRS AND DO SOME OF THIS CREATION STUFF!!!  This too shall pass!

Night all.  Glad you could visit, please say Hi!

Dell x

Saturday, May 27, 2006

argh-you are kidding!!

I just wrote this huge entry, about ISC and my DS struggling with sleep, and pressed the wrong button and totally lost it!  Wow!  Talk about it!  Too late now.  Gotta go to bed and get some sleep!

Sorry, update later. 


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I have not been good at blogging lately.  I have wanted to, but just have not gotten around to it.  Hopefully better from here on.  I have done some more LO's.  Some for the Scrapbook Station for the new class schedule, some for 'just cause'...all for fun!  Even though deadlines kinda takes a bit of the fun out....especially when you have missed them!  I am looking forward to the next few months.  Janine just posted us with the next lot of topics for the Design team at Scrapbook Station and they are great!  I don't think there are any that I can say...."Well I might skip that one..." I am excited about doing all of them.

New_roomI went to IKEA the other day and decked out my scrap room a little more!  Oh fun.  We had a girls day out.  Mum, Mazzie and I!  I adored this store!  Must go back.  It has only just opened here in Adelaide, and is very busy....especially on a Sunday.  But it was so good, I didn't even really care about the people.  I am a sucker for innovative space saving storage solutions.  Anything that makes cleaning and tidyness easier! 

It is so much fun decking out my room.  I am spending more time organising than actually scrapping!  Oh well!  I guess to scrap efficiently, the room has to be organised!

May_046_1 I did this LO a while ago, just after I bought the MM foam flower stamps.  Just bliss!  I adore them.  There will be many more flower LO's from here on in I think.


I used white MM acrylic paint for stamping, then painted over a few with windsor & Newton irridescent medium....MMMMM delicious!  I had fun anyway.  I will finish posting some other LO's later.  You know you have been on the computer too long, when you get bombarded by... "I wanna cuddoo", accompanied by a child forcing himself on your lap to hinder any more computer work.  Had better go and "cuddoo"  Not so bad!  'Cuddoo's' are pretty good!


Saturday, May 6, 2006

Check her out!

My sister has just started her own blog.  She has been reluctant until now!  She lives in a small country town and has a little boy 6 weeks younger than mine.  She spends a great deal of time on her own with a husband who works LOTS!  I finally convinced her of the value of meeting like minded people, and how it just gives you a 'lift' when people leave a message for you.  I valued this when my DH was away.  Anyway she is just getting going with this blog business and has just a bit up to see.  I am sure she will load more LO's and photos once she gets on her feet!  Take a look at Siann anyway!

Well I had better finish up for tonight.  We have had several uneasy nights recently, and I can feel it!



Friday, May 5, 2006


Well, how exciting....My first Tag!  Thanks Kathie, my fellow Adelaidian friend

In my Fridge
Nothing gross as I have recently cleaned it out!!!  Had anyone asked a week ago, I would have had to have lied!                                             Lots of fat milk ( both kids still drink bottles/sippy cups in morning and evening) Lite start (my milk),  Cheese, Lots of Salad and Vegies,

In my Closet
Far too many clothes for the size and space!  We really need some sort of space saving organization!                                                               A vaporiser for the kids, A wireless modem for the internet, My wedding dress I am too scared to look at as I did not get it dry cleaned straight after the wedding.

In my handbag
Purse, pens, pencils, neurofen, lipbalm, scissors, address book, diary, handcream, mobile, 3 sets of keys, phone headset, 

In my car

Far too many toys, Street directory, sunnies, Baby seats, blankets,
Pram, picnic rug, nappy bag,
CDs – Colin Buchanan (Kids fav) Kelly Clarkson, Avalon, Many others!

On my DVD / Video player

Little Red Tractor, Bob the builder, Land before time, Tonka Joe, and countless others for the kids.....Grown up ones that we get in when kids are in bed, House, NCIS, Prison Break, Enterprise (all episodes from the States) Narnia, purchased on the weekend.

I am tagging:

Janine, Donna, Steph, Siann,

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Breaking the blogging drought!

Sooo slack!  It has been quite a while.  A month.  I blogged almost every other day and then we went away for a while and the fam got sick and I just have not been able to make the time!  That even sounds slack I know!  I have had a few deadlines also, a design team one for scrapbook station and am still racing to finish the last two LO's for the shop.  The class schedule is out I believe, and my  LO's are not on the wall.  Tch, tch, tch!

I have missed reading blogs too!  Back on the ball now, and I will post some more LO's as they are photographed! (Have to wait for daylight for this, digital camera doesn't like night photography.)

Mumemail_1 This is the Design Team one on 'Mum'  She would probably laugh her head off at the subtitle, but she has worked so hard over the years, she could easily be very 'rural'...if you know what I mean!  She is not at all though,  She could easily live in the city undetected!  Not too countrified.  I remember when I used to come to church social events in the city as a teeneger, and It always came up,  'You have an accent!  Are you from the country!'  -Yep!  Don't know how it showed, but it always got spoken about!  I didn't think I was that 'countrified'.....Anyway!

Well should make an effort to sleep.  I am getting progressively frustrated with the antics of toddlers, and feel like I might snap well before I should.  It is all sleep related for me.  I can tell when i am tired.  A three year old 'whine' can really get under my skin, especially if he is tired too.  Mazzie has just started demanding exactly what she wants and screams right in my face if she doesn't get it.  A sign of things to come then......Oh, oh!  Thought she might be a little tamer than Denver at two, but it is not looking good.  She is a real little Miss.  Totally adorable, even with body thrown on floor and arms and legs thrashing about.  She yells, stops for my reaction for a sec, then continues until the frustration passes.  It does not help when i am laughing!  It is funny though!  Probably wont be in a few months when she knows exactly what she is doing.  At the moment it is fairly new, and you can tell she just loses it and doesn't know quite what to do with her frustration!

On that note, I had best turn in or I wont be laughing at the tantrums tomorrow!!!