Saturday, August 28, 2010

Palette Release #21 {Her Room} Due BEFORE Sept 3

 The Color Room has a new Palette up again.  #21 is another Her Room Palette.  This one is gorgeous!  I have made some cards, but its so nice working with these colours I want to get something else made using this palette!


There is also a card sketch based on the palette sketch this week.....

It is quite cute and would make for a very pretty card I think!  I did make some cards last night based on this.........

Download this Hybrid-Printable 

It is an A4 size sheet with enough stuff to make at least 3 cards, maybe 4 or even 5!!!  I did 3 last night without trying to stretch it, but given the challenge I could do it pretty easily! 
They turned out lovely......Just print cut and design!  Perfect.  The colours are already chosen, just add your own 3D elements like buttons, ribbons or lace, brads, staples or rhinestones and you are good to go!  I will photograph my cards today and pop them in here too!
Have fun working with these colours.  Pop over to The Color Room to see what the girls did with the Palette this week.

Palette Release #20 {Family Room}

I created a free digital kit to go with this one


I have included some PNG files in this one which you can resize and recolour before you print them
I am also working on an album kit based on these colours which will be a downloadable printable.
So keep your eye out for that!
My album is currently sitting on my desk unfinished (of course) and awaiting more photos.
I so need to find balance.  I am not taking as many photos as I should, so I have limited pictures to use in the scrapping I am struggling to find time for after managing site stuff and creating digital bits and pieces.  I am having lots of fun doing the latter though, so it all evens out I guess.  I would like to get creating more though (on paper!!!!!)  I made some cards last night its all good!!!!

Palette Release #19 {Sun Room}

Here is # 19.
Such a pretty palette

Lovely colours to work with!.....I did a page on Johns Parents this time.  They are the same age as my Grandparents, and are still very much in love and this happy!!!

Palette Release #18

This has already come and gone.....but I will keep the posts in order.......

This one was made using the 1/2 and 1/2 printouts from the free digital Paper Pack you can DownLoad from File factory.

Like I said, I have included some files on A4 sheets which can be printed out quickly and easily on A4 paper (or US Standard Letter size) Just select scale to fit in your printer choices and it will make it work, but with paper it really doesnt matter if bits are cut off the sides, you probably get more printed area that way.  Scale to fit is probably better used for element packs, where you can not have any bits 'cut off' the edges!

so go crazy and do some printing!  I have been cutting old unuasable papers I bought back-in-the-day-when-I-thought-they-were-cool- into A4 sheets and printing on the back.  I even accidently printed on the wrong side of one and the pattern turned out really cool with the new print on top of the unusable pattern.  A happy accident!  Lucky it was a light coloured paper to start with!
 Ok....onto the next palette!.........