Friday, December 5, 2008

This is what I do it seems....I get all organised and am slightly better at blogging,  then something happens ( such as a housewide epidemic) and I loose my rhythm....With everything.  I did get really good at bulk cooking (saving me oodles of time)....I got on top of the washing and cleaning,  I knew where all the paperwork was,  I was on top of my scrapping....I was organised....then we all got sick....for a long time (for 12 weeks we all had something)  and I did not blog, or cook, or be on top of anything!  But It's coming back to me.....

.....Just in time for the holidays.

Anyway....I did not scrap.

Then yesterday I did a LO......not for a class, for Moi!  Have a little look. 

Laundryweb Journaling reads.....

"Laundry is work!  It's keeps coming and never seems to diminish, I don't love it!  But I came across a ladies blog once and her perspective on laundry and all those thankless household duties ( that are required of a stay at home mum with a busy family to care for) changed my view of my home occupation.  She was talking about 'loving' all these duties (Maybe love is a little extreme....) because it reminded her she was alive with a beautiful little family....I get that!  The loads of laundry and the mountains of folded clothes ever awaiting placement in someones wardrobe, is a prime example of realising how lucky I am to have what I have.  My beloved family.  Now laundry is actually not-so-bad!"


Yay....It felt good. 

Oh...and meet the newest member of our family  (just today new, he has no name!)

Kitty-018   Kitty-028

He's cute.....and very playful!  Mykenzie is in her element....Denver is still at school, so will get a big surprise when he gets home.....So will John!!!   hehehe [insert evil laugh here]

Anyway.....there is some meowing coming from afar, so I had better rescue a small cat, from a small girl!

You watch me do another post soon!   ( .....I am on a roll I told you!)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Scrapping slump is no longer....well so far!  I did two today....finished one from yesterday and started and finished another.   This is not usually me.  Usually they can sit on my desk amid a nasty mess (as you can not put stuff away mid project!) for days!


I printed these photos ages ago, and had done nothing with them.  They were of nothing in particular, just a time when the camera was clicking away.....Then I actually looked at the photos taken when DS was about 3 and I realised they told so much more than just the drawing event.....I noticed the bangage on his arm and that grin he used to do when ever you asked him to smile for a photo!  So I journalled on these things most....amazing what a simple photo, of nothing in particular, can remind you of. 

I wrapped wire around my supatack blue bottle ,then wrapped the coil with feally fine wire to hold it together.  I mounted that on some paper, cut out felt hearts and 'buttons' then blanket stitched around each.


The next one is something Mazzie said a couple of days ago.  We thought it was funny!  She is doing this a lot lately....makes us laugh at the things she says, that she thinks is 'exactly-how-you-say-it'!!


This one uses some damask paper Janine found somewhere in her travels (and she gave me a bit!!!......It is flocked mmmm!) I am not one for digital scrapping...(more so for the fact I have no idea how!!!) but I do use photoshop a I manipulated the photos of this particular 'mudpie' and printed them out as one.  Almost digital scrapping...(baby steps!)  I like Layouts that record something I know will be forgotten if not written down, and this certainly qualifies.

Oh well I created today...that does me good!

Now I should go and clean!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's school holidays here...third day in and it has rained or been too wet and cold for the kids to go outdoors at all so far.  Blah!  They have been pretty good, but, the weather forecast tonight said to expect a whole week of the same.....It may wear thin by then!

I have not been shopping for a little while, and look at my recent purchases....all at once too...mmm (sigh) bliss!Sale

I got several mini albums (should stop buying these....I will never finish all the ones I have in my cupboard!- I just like 'em so much) stickers, lots of alphas, as these are a consumable that always need replacing.  As if I did not have enough product in the cupboards already....I STILL NEED MORE....Oh but it's nice!

I do actually use some of the things I compulsively purchase......(come to think of it...not too much on this particular LO....he he he)Noidoit

This is a photo from a couple of years ago, just when the little miss was beginning her 'strive for independance' stage.  We heard these words VERY often, complete with indignant attitude.

I figured I should use at least one piece of the hundreds in my stash I no longer 'love'  so I painted over it, edged it with decorative scissors, and inked it.  I then drew vines and flowers to resemble rubons and painted them with watercolour paint (making sure to use a permanent felt tip pen so it didn't run when watercoloured) I added a couple of felt hearts just hand cut and stitched together, and mounted a few stickers and added them to the hearts with a button.  I did a little more drawing with the swirly bits off to the side, added a rubon journal element underneath and stitched a border around the edge.  I cut some triangles from CS stamped them with my text stamp, trimmed with decorative scissors, and topped with dimensional fluid....Voila a LO in a few hours!

Yesterday the kids and I made 'The balls'.....they enjoyed it anyway,  and they are not too hideous. (The balls not the kids!!!)                      

Balls2  Balls

We added dates to them to make them a bit more exotic than having sultanas...( not my favourite ingredient!)  They are very proud of their creation....Maybe I should get them making vegetable balls that, like 'The balls', they want to consume at every opportunity.  Might work!

That's all for today I think....Might go watch Regenesis with DH.... Bye                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Friday, July 4, 2008


What's your names hidden meaning?

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.
You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.
Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

You are a free spirit, and you resent anyone who tries to fence you in.
You are unpredictable, adventurous, and always a little surprising.
You may miss out by not settling down, but you're too busy having fun to care.

You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row.
You are powerful and competent, especially in the workplace.
People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.
You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.
At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.......

There is some that is definately not even close to me....but some is spot on!   But last I looked there are not too many other Lydell's in the world!  I saw a black guy on the credits of a movie I saw once that had my name....and there is a power Station in NSW named after me ( he he he!) but other than that, I have never seen it in a baby name book yet!


A layout I did for the next BB Mixed Media challenge....'Using Metal'

Preciousjewel I finally used some of the milo/coffee tin sealers I have been saving forever....Who can throw out such a lovely piece of metal foil every time you open a tin of milo....It's so flat and shiny, and some are even embossed with a dotty pattern!  Until now...never used....maybe I will challenge myself to comeup with some ideas on uses for them now I have started with one layoutPreciousjeweldetail !!!

I realised I have not posted the first one yet either.....

This one was for "Pens and markers"

Loveisinthedetails This one was right up my alley....Fun to do.

The next thing I have been putting off is a little album for a family we know who have just lost their 18 month old little girl to a tumour they found out about just 12 weeks before they buried her....pretty awful, and an album I am not actually looking forward to.  A card just seems so empty when I can only imagine what they are dealing with.  The Dad was in our wedding, but we have not seen them in years.  The mum may not be able to use it for a long time, but it maybe useful for her down the track, and for the two other little ones, to remember their little sister.

Better go and get on with my day.....


Friday, June 6, 2008

I miss him.....


My dear old buddy

We lost him this week.  I had to make the decision to put him to sleep, and it was dreadful.  I have dreaded it for a long time and always put it out of my mind.  I figured when the time came John could deal with it and I would have to just get used to him not being here.  But when I got home from a day out with my sister on Tuesday, He did not come straight away when I called.  I could hear him under the deck, but he wasn't coming.  So unlike him, he would bound up desperate to get in to me to say hello.  I looked over the deck and saw what I never wanted to, my dear old loyal dog stumbling and falling trying to make his way up to me.  It was horrible.  He was quite a big boy and I raced inside to ring my neighbour to help me lift him...I had no idea how I could do it on my own, but they did not answer, so I had to.  I almost collapsed my self once I made it up the ramp and around by the back door to get him onto his bed.  He was ice cold and breathing really heavy and slow.  I was a mess...i couldn't find the vet numbers I was trying not to lose it, and the doorbell rang, and my next door neighbour took charge and rang  around and found a vet who would come to my house and treat him and help us get him to the car to take him to the vet.  A circulatory collapse he said.  No blood circulation which is why he was so cold.  we filled hot water bottles to try to warm him up so the vet could give him the medication.  Long story a little shorter, john was away and I had to deal with taking him in and making the decision to not let him suffer through many tests and treatments to find out if he had an abdominal tumour that had ruptured....blah blah blah.....It was disgusting and I never wanted to be the one to do it.  It's 2 days gone now and I can still blubber.  I loved my dog....Since we had kids he was out the back a lot more, but he still had his bed inside, and way back when I was single he slept on the bottom of my waterbed with me....Till he got too big!  He was 14.  It was very sudden.... He had no idea he was old and would tear around up and down the rocks in our yard like a mad dog.  He still thought he was a puppy.  No sign of age accept going a bit grey in his face the last year or so.

So yes...a bit too sad this week. 

I miss his company already.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How time flies....

It is June already.  Man this year is going quick.  I feel it is going so fast because the year is being broken up into terms for school.  The terms go so quick!  This is the middle of Denver's 2nd term in school..and he is loving it.  He has changed so much.  A real little man now.  He is more independant, and loves to read!  He reads and spells out everything!  "Do you want some of this in your lunch denver?"   "Y-E-S  P-L-EE-S Mum!"  Too cute!

I have been doing a bit lately on the scrapping front...Most recently a bunch of things for classes.

A new card set

Untitled1_2  Cardset

Pages Tin A Little tin set, which turned out very cute.

There is also an art LO class using Paint, masking fluid, texture paste, mod podge and the like....That is nearly done, I just have to take some photos of them.

The Home series class is also on it's way.  Its a series of 3 classes, with lots of extras, ideas and motivation sent via e-mail before the classes.  There are OTP  projects and Layouts in this one.

These are all available through Scrapbook Station, and some will be available as kits if people can't make classes.

The latest thing I have been working on is designing some brushes and stamps in Photoshop using my wacom tablet.....I have been having so much fun.  It is very time consuming, but satisfying!  I have also been designing printed papers and elements to print out and use on my layouts....I have also been incorporating them into a couple of my classes.

Well it appears as if typepad will not let me upload anymore pics at this present time.......  Will not co-operate....

My DH is away again, just a couple of nights this time,  He got back from America about 3 weeks ago, which was a much longer stint.  I never like it!  The kids hate it.  But we survived.

Well should go and get the cherubs in bed....They are having a bit of a treat and staying up a little longer tonight due to Daddy being away....It eases the dissatisfaction a little!!!  Mazzie is most affected these Days....She is still reacting badly when John goes to the shops without her after the america trip.

STOOPIT AMEWICA she calls it, the other one is STINKY PERS, which is where Daddy is for a coupkle of days now (Perth that is!!!)  Is the tears weren't falling it would be quite humurous.  Anyway.....

Bye for now!

Friday, February 1, 2008

My Little Man started school this week.  Wow!

He is so very ready, and had no anxiety about going.  He actually asked every other day throughout January, when the 'end of January' was.  He looks very cute in his uniform, and has taken it all in his stride.  He is even very happy to sit down and do his homework.  Which I might add...I totally enjoy.  This is what I know how to do!  It is so exciting watching your child be so eager to learn how to read.  It is all he wants to get from school ATM.

Just before School started My DH took a few days off work ( just after he returned from holidays ( lucky me) and stayed with the kids for 3 days while I went to my sisters and had some time to scrap, and be without children for a few days ( well, my children, she has two of her own!)  It was lovely....

I have just bought a binding machine, the cute little scrapbooking pink one!  I have a big one, but this one has more flexibility on where you punch the holes.  I love it, and have made several albums already ( all given away so far....) But I have gotten through quite a few pages of mine, titled "The Daily Grind"  Have a look.....Coverweb                                            Page1


Hotdiggity HotdogsHotdogclose

Lifeiswhatyoumakeit Funnylunch Mumsdailyessentials Shecreates1


Play Playwithabandon

Thats it so far.  It was fun!  Ran out of photos!!  Need to take more of daily stuff that has to be done around here.  On a slightly different note...Finally my DH has taken an interest in cameras.  I bought mine quite a while ago now, and love it,  But the megapixels leave a bit to be desired compared to cameras these days, and is only a 4.  I must say though, it has been a fabulous camera ( Panasonic FZ10 as close to an SLR as can be without being one) I have been really happy with the quality.  In saying all that though, DH actually has a very good understanding of photography and had a film SLR back in the day, but took no interest in taking photos when I got into scrapping.  Very annoying.  Now he is all interested in the new Canon that has just been released in the US.  While yes, it does mean I will have no idea how to take a general photo, after being the sole photographer in our does however, mean he may take an interest in what I do, and give me material to work on! (I may even be in it for a change!)  He goes for another work trip to the US in April, so maybe around then, we will have a few more megapixels up our sleeves!

Well..I have been on an organising, sorting and decluttering mission throughout January, and man am I on fire.  I threw out everything I don't need or use, especially in the kitchen, linen closet, main WIR and kids wardrobes.  I just have the downstairs room to do.....and she's a doozie!  Not at all looking forward to that one.  It is a guest room/storage/ & remainder of when it was my scrapping room, room.....whoo hoo!  It will take some time, and make a huge mess in the process.  It will be nice when it is done though.  Then I just need to sell some baby stuff and a sofa bed futon lounge and all the stuff we don't need will be gone!!!  Looking forward to that!

Must go....TFL

Lydell x

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tell me it's over!

That pretty much says it all I believe.  Sounds a little anti Christmas I guess....We have just finished off Christmas in our emalgamated family.  Honestly...I have had a migraine since Christmas Eve.  It's January 2nd, and now we can get back to 'normal life'  I even took down the tree and got the christmas out of the house yesterday....moving on!  We had 3 BIG family Christmas get togethers.  Which was nice in theory, but each of these required food, christmas presents for at least 15 + people ( each party) and in one, motel stay.  There are several things I could have done to alleviate stress, but chose not to......

1.  'Purchase' presents for adults instead of dreaming up interesting things to hand create...May have needed to remorgage the house, but I wouldn't have had to sit for hours upon hours creating the night before EACH party.  This would have required more shopping though, and with 1 attempt to go shopping with two young children, under my belt, (vowing NEVER to undertake that particular endeavour again in my lifetime) I had already organised John to take a day off while I went shopping for the bulk of just 1 of these parties,  any more and he would have had to take holidays.  I came home slightly frazzled!  Not nice.

2.  NOT try to make special little nicities for the dinner table, to make Christmas a bit more special.  I made a Christmas tree cake, (which was cute, but needed to be done Christmas morning, which made us late, and added more stress to an already rushed morning) and cute little decorated star biscuits with each persons name piped on, which doubled as place seating thingies.  Very cute, but again just something else to get done!

3. NOT agree to a time Christmas morning which does not allow for a casual relaxed Christmas breakfast with my own immediate family.  This is one I regret most.  I want to start our own family traditions, not just race off here and there and not get our own time to celebrate Christmas.  11.30am at a destination more than an hour away ( as it turned out -1hr 20mins with 19 traffic lights.....trying to balance a melting towering Christmas tree cake piled high and held together with only wooden skewers on my lap....mmmm!)

4.  Suggest that all these family get togethers start a fortnight before Christmas, and finish a fortnight after christmas.  Create space between parties!!!

5.  Try to minimise travelling.  We spent 10 hours travelling in the car over less than a week.  For us...that is excessive! (especially being in a confined space with two kids that don't like travelling!)

6.  Start now for next Christmas!

In saying all that...It was lovely catching up with people we hadn't seen for a long time, even though at the final party we were on a farm which recorded the temperature out in direct sun at 50 degrees I believe.  EWWW.  It was extremely hot, but.... we got a motel in Loxton and it had VERY good air conditioning, so when we could retreat to our room for the night each day over the weekend, we were cold, instead of sweltering!

Here are some pics.....

Adventcalendar Novdec295

An advent Calendar I made for the kids for the month of December.  It was a hit.  I got the idea from a family craft website and a link to an ETSY shop.  someone had made a calendar from toilet rolls.  Very cute!Christmascards

Our Christmas cards for people who live away from us.  It included a letter about our year 2007.  I have tried to do this for years now, and never actually got to it.  They were sent AFTER christmas, as a holiday card, but they were sent!!!!


I made a coupon booklet for some couples (with kids mostly) for the couples to use to give each other 'space' or 'mental health time'!!! (well that is what we call it in my home!!)  I dreamt up all the things I like to occur in my house for me to get relief here and there.  'A coffee out with a friend', or 'a meal You did not cook', or ' put your feet up with coffee and a biscuit for half an hour -child free'  'Pizza and a movie tonight - when kids are in bed!"  There were 30 coupons in each booklet, and I got to use my perforating tool for the first time ever.  I like it a lot!!!  Made them look very professional!

         Cake_2                                                      That cake!        Christmasday   

And our family Christmas photo. One of the better ones!  Man, that was a mission!      Famshot_3 

Well That's it.  Now I just want to do some creating!  Lots of new stuff to use,  Lots of fun ahead,  as long as the kids will allow it!!!

Till next time....

Lydell x