Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Upcoming auction at Von Rock Auctions and Sales.

I have been painting furiously over the last few weeks.  I am being represented in an online auction held at the end of February.  Von Rock Auctions and Sales has a variety of art for sale.  Some amazing artists there!  Auction starts on Friday.

Some of my pieces in this auction are these

all Watercolour (Pebeo) on 300gsm Canson Watercolour Paper.

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas.  Covered in Beeswax
(This might be my favourite.  I love the feel of the beeswax.  Its a lovely finish.
lots of dimension too)

Just have a little look at some of the other Art for sale there this coming weekend.  It looks incredible!

Thanks for dropping in today.  Lovely to see you!  :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Faces 13-16 on 100 faces.

Some More Girls.
Just catching up sharing the progress in the 100 faces in 365 days challenge group on FaceBook.

Here is #13......

She is done with Mepxy Markers and Graphite on Canson Bleedproof Paper.


Graphite in my drawing sketchbook (Canson)


Mepxy Markers and graphite on Bleedproof Paper (Canson)


Mepxy Markers, graphite, on Bleedproof paper (Canson)

and now I am up to date....yay!
Number 17 is in my sketchbook, almost done!

See you again soon!

8-12/100 Faces on 365 Days

If you have not heard of this group, its great.  You get to practice at your own pace and improve by sheer practice!  It really is true.  Practice makes perfect!  

Anyway here are my #8 and 9 Girls in one sketch

They are quick and sketchy!  

Graphite and Prismacolor


Grahite /white Sharpie


Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, February 23, 2015

4-7/100 Faces.....

Hello again!

I am sharing the past few faces I have drawn for the FB Challenge Group 100 Faces In 365 Days.

Graphite and watercolour on Canson Paper

Shes one of my favourites. Love her two toned hair!!!


Prismacolor Pencils


Graphite and Prismacolor Pencils
white Souffle pen

Graphite and Prismacolor Pencils

Thanks for dropping in today!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project life Cards Video with Shimmerz Mono Tonez

A new Video this week for Shimmerz Paints.

Shimmerz Have released an new line of paint collections.  Mono Tonez have hit the shelves.  These paints are a collection of both old and new colours across several ranges in the Shimmerz Lines. They are all monochromatic colours and they are just cool!

The collection I used in this video are the Gold Tonez.

I used the collection to paint watercolour paper (300 gsm from Canson) and then cut it up and used it to create a Project Life cards for a coordinating spread....

Here is the VIDEO.....

Thanks for watching!

100 faces in 365 days

Well this is fun.
I thoroughly enjoy drawing.

I draw every chance I get.
I love paints and mediums, but I can draw sitting in bed watching TV, if I just use the basics.  Like graphite pencil and some nice paper.  My art books and journals from Canson are my favourites.

I was directed to the FB Group 300 Faces in 365 days, and I LOVE the challenge it is giving me.  Just draw faces.  No pressure, just practise....just fine tuning skills  and thoroughly enjoying the process while I practise!!!

Here are some of my first ones!


Graphite and Prismacolor Pencils

Graphite and watercolour