Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Helmar Page to share today!......
Then I better go post the Shimmerz one that is also due!!!!!  No rest for the wicked!!!!

So this is what was on my desk today.  I used the Pion Papers which are this weeks colours for
THE COLOR ROOM Palette #100 using "Follow my Heart II" by Pion Design.

This one is based on the Helmar Sketch for March, which will be out shortly!

Had a good time with this.
Now better get Shimmery!
Have a lovely day!

Lydell x

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Other news......

There are some things associated with out 100th Release that require their very own post.....

Something new added to our site over at THE COLOR ROOM

We have a new STORE opening this week.  The Color Room Store will hold some exclusive Digital and Hybrid Kits for sale to help raise money to fund our site. So far there are just a few goodies on the shelves but more will come very soon.  Lots of fun stuff going on!

The other things for this month and for the month of May is our collaboration with Miss Arts.  It starts this week.....Four of us Girls from The Color Room (Solange MarquesEmma StafraceJanine Koczwara and Myself (Lydell Quin) have joined together to bring "The Color Room Round table"  to Miss Arts Papercrafting this month.  We have taken a palette each from the month of May and have created some dazzling creations.

This will be a fun and different class.  Head over to MISS ARTS PAPERCRAFTING to see.  This class is more than affordable and consists of 3 -4 videos by each of us.

There will be a kit available should you require it, and there will be a Hybrid Kit available for sale in The Color Room's Store which will match the final palette (My project)
So all you have to do is go over to Miss Arts Paper Craft and book in to the $5.00 class (told you it was affordable) Do the projects and have them ready to load on TCR during the month of MAY!  Easy as that!

What a fun little change to our Palettes.
Head to Miss Arts now.
Alyssa McGrew will take care of you!

So there is some adventure for your creating during March!

Have fun!!!!

Lydell x

100 Palettes!!!!

Hey there!!!! Palette 100!!!!  My goodness.

100 palettes, 
100 sketches.
10,4027 Uploads

WOW... Impressive!

Yes this week is our 100th Palette and we are celebrating with Pion Design, Our Sponsor for the month of March.  Who have a new collection on the market.  "From my Heart II", which is what our palette features this week.  Beautiful!  Head over to The Color Room to see.....

The girls did an outstanding job too!

So here is the palette

Here's the sketch.....

And the card......

So.....Pop over to Our FACEBOOK PAGE and leave a comment to be in the running for another RAK or two, and as per usual upload your projects before each new palette is up to be in the running to Win a RAK from our Sponsor as well.

Have a great week everyone!  Get some scrapping in there somewhere too!!!!

37 weeks......

You may have noted the little image I found to put here

Counting down the days now.
19 days to go

-I am well.  
-Just feeling a little heavy and have some sciatic pain from the extra weight, especially if I sit or stand for too long,
I think I even waddle sometimes!!!!
- I am seriously into the nesting period.....although that started months ago it seems
-Slowly getting back all the things we need for Baby B's arrival
(after giving it all away just a matter of weeks before finding out we were expecting another !!!!)
-Starting to think about what I have been successfully putting my head in the sand about......
THE BIRTH (cringe)
-Baby B is VERY active, but at least I am never wondering if he is ok for long.....he lets me know he is there regularly
-Sleep is very disrupted, but I am not too affected by it.....
-Have stopped work on my one day a week at my local scrapping store.....
(preparing to do some work from home.)
It is just too much to be on my feet standing all day.
-almost died in the few days recently of almost 40 degree (C) heat -ewww.
-am finding its getting harder to bend down and get back up again!  LOL.....drying my feet is getting progressively more difficult.  Sometimes they just have to air dry!!!  LOL
-got myself a nappy bag the other day and a change mat and we finally found a good and (on sale) baby seat, and installed in the car!
-two of my very special girlfriends are putting on a little get together for me tomorrow, where we get to eat cake, drink coffee and chat for the last time before I am sleep deprived and frazzled!!!!  Thanks so Much in advance Janine and Miranda. xx (Lovely Girls)