Sunday, June 28, 2015

Watercolour Background, Hand lettered Bible JournalingProcess Video.

A new Process Video today, done for a friend for Church on the weekend.

Unfortunately I could not embed the original one I used with the most beautiful music (Unstoppable Love by Kim Walker Smith......See this original one HERE)

It was perfect for the verse but because of copyright restrictions on Youtube I could not load it anywhere.... But I did replace the music in the video below with a nice piece.  Not quite the same but anyway!

So if you are into hand lettering you might find this interesting.

The page is the inside cover and the first page in my Bible.  I covered each with my favourite Gesso for my Bible.  'Pro Art Economy' Gesso, which I got sent over to me from the US in a HUGE 2.9 litre tub!  (LOVE IT!!!)  Read More about that HERE.

I then added a layer of Daniel Smith 'Watercolour Ground'  which is a paste you can brush onto a non absorbant surface, to accept watercolour better.  I dried that well before beginning my page as you can see in the video above.

Its certainly the perfect piece of scripture to have in the very front page!

Anyway.  I will leave you with that.
Hope you enjoyed the quick look into the process.

See you again soon.

Lydell :-)

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