Saturday, June 3, 2006

Just a quickie!  Just found Cold Play for my blog.  i am just loving this song at the moment.  The music is just great.  Had to actually pay attention to the words to make sure they weren't too odd!

Well the beginning of a weekend...yay.  I do have a class on Sunday, so that is working, but there is something about being surrounded by beautiful and delicious things that make your work environment a happy place!  Scrapbook Station is good for that!  I do spend all my pay before I get it though!  Occupational hazzard I guess...mmmm, not at all concerned!  I am still having back issues, so I do hope it is a little better by Sunday.  Probably not too proffessional to do a lap around everyone then have to give instructions to everyone laying on the floor for the next 10 mins!

Ok.  Must go to bed.  Made a deal with Denver that if he can sleep in his bed all night, he can have the Bob the Builder toy I sat next to his bed, (to remind him to stay put if he wakes up in the night)

We shall see!

Night all x


  1. I'm glad you are starting to feel better Lydell. Now where is Jeni when you need her? LOL
    So, did the toy next to the bed work?

  2. Don't worry Lydell, I'll help you up off the floor if necessary!

  3. Hey Dell, what's with that back? Glad you are slowly feeling better. Why do I never see you?? Amazing isn't it.
    Good to see that you have SLIDE up and working. Took me forever thank God for the beautiful Chris Millar.
    Hope kids are well.
    Steph xx

  4. OMG Lydell!! I just saw you LO for the latest portal at SS and it is stunning!!