Saturday, September 30, 2006

Getting on top of things

Another week gone by.  Man they are quick these days.  I have had a week of organisation this week.  So much has gone by the wayside while the kids have been small that now that Mazzie is getting a bit bigger, she is able to entertain herself a little more and I have had time ( and motivation) to get stuck into their rooms.  We packed up Mazzies cot ( we couldn't keep her in it anyway!) and put her in her big bed ( and we still can't keep her in it!)  and I packed up all their clothes they had grown out of.  OODLES of clothes!  Then I bought Denver a couple of shelving units and some clear plastic tubs with lids on them and organised all his toys.  He has so many, they get all muddled up and he can't play with any of them properly cause they're all lost amongst a mass of toys!  A lot of his 'little kid' toys went on in to Mazzies room, and I am in the process of making that a little more 'girly' too.  I want to paint some butterflies on the walls.  She is so obsessed on drawing on the walls and anywhere that she can, I dare not do it while she is around! 





We just went to NSW for the weekend for a wedding and we stayed with DH's sister.  She has two little bodies, about a year older than ours.  I have been so caught up in just managing to get through each day, with lack of sleep brought about by a 3 year old not sleeping through ( He is much bMonroeetter as of the last few months, but I thought it would never happen!) That we had not taken too much notice of setting up things out and in doors that could stimulate development.  Being a Teacher in my past life, I have been hanging out for the day they both reach an age that they can draw, paint and make without eating or painting/defacing something they shouldn't.  I went out and bought an easel and chalk and got a little table that I have covered with a plastic cloth for playdough when ever they want to use it, not in just organised playtime.  We have a split level back yard too, so until now it has been very difficult letting Mazzie outside.  I had to follow her around the yard, but she is 2 next week and she manages the rocks very well.  She even gets herself onto the trampoline and zips the zip shut and jumps on her own whenever she wants.  It's a dawning of a new time for me, as I could not let her out of my sight not too long ago, and I had not a second to myself, unless DH noticed I was a bit narky, and told me he'd have the kids for a bit.  It probably still does not help with the scrapping dilemma, as Mazzie just loves to scrap ( but only what I am scrapping)  This is not a good thing....YET!   hopefully in the future she'll love to scrap with Mum, without ruining something I am working on when I turn my back!  And I can't leave her outside while I am downstairs scrapping,  but it will come soon enough I guess.  Someday soon I will be able to scrap at my every whim! (Dreaming I think!!!)

Anyway all that said I should take some time while Mazzie is asleep and organise my class for tomorrow.    Bye!


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  1. You have been busy since Thursday!!! Paul and I are looking into either buying or building a 2 room transportable on the side of the house. Maybe then we will have the room to do some stuff like you have done! Can't wait to see the wall pictures you do for Mazzie!