Monday, April 30, 2007

Hi all the way over there in America

Well that was written about a week ago now, and while there have been moments, it's not been too bad since.  I think they were both reacting to their Dad being away.  Denver is now at kindy and I have a moment to post, which has been few and far between lately.

Honestly...I do not think my child is a terrorist, although she certainly has a streak!  (that she also came by honestly!  I gave my Mum a run for her money too at this age ( 2)  She is lovely most of the time, but Kity would disagree!!!)

Hope you are enjoying dinner!  We have just had breakfast!  A little late I know, but it's quiet now!

Hope you are all well,

Love Lydell x


  1. Aaah, poor you! I was rolling on the floor laughing at your last post though. I am not looking forward to Jamie reaching that age! I think you did well to last the day.

  2. What has happened to meek and mild Mazzie?? She is sure finding her way atm!! Denver is going to have a run for his money from his little sister!! I think you may need to have locks on all your doors!! And the poor little kitten!! It is amazing pets ever survive the 'toddler' years of their little part owners! Hope you felt a little more sane yesterday. Sorry I couldn't stay longer but time just ran away from us!!

  3. Poor Lydell,
    I must admit i had to laugh at what Mazzie got up to i'm glad it was you and not me.Mikayla does get into the cupboards and brings lots of cups out to play with ,anybody would think taht she has no toys.Her latest is to take a water bottle out the fridge and it always ends up over the floor.take care Kerry