Friday, November 30, 2007

This month.....

Back again for what has seemingly become a monthly event!!!  Not a great deal has happened from memory.  I did turn 35!  John finally finished the stairs out the back to get up into the back yard, with out mountain climbing.  The thing I am most excited about though, is not so much soaking in nappy-san trying to remove the dirt stains from the butts of my kids clothes.  (They would slide down the incline!!!!) 

Denver has his assessment day at school, it was nice to be back.  Shane ( Principal) took great pride showing me all the things that have changed over the last 5 years.  I let my registration lapse, and when I got home I looked in to what I needed to do to re-activate it, and It is harder than I thought.  Looks like more study will be involved, which seems rediculous when I taught for so long,  If I had done more relief teaching while I was pregnant (ie- 200 days)  I could have gone in front of a board and plead my case ( not sure I want it that badly!!!) So I am a bit annoyed about that, but I am pretty happy teaching classes and doing the occaisional shop hours for Janine and Karen. (Scrapbook Station) Anyway Denvers orientation day is on Wednesday.  Can't believe he will be off to school next year, and in my old classroom I taught receptions in!  I think it will hit when I purchase all the school uniforms. They look so cute in their brand new crisp grey, white and blue!

Not nearly enough scrapping going on here either!  I have done some things, although not layouts.  Lots of Christmas stuff, for an event at church that was not overly successful I hear, and I think I will be getting a lot of it returned.  I have started an album for a friend who recently got married, I enjoy book making, so it is from scratch, and while it looks lovely, there were quite a few hours spent on it, without much to show in the way of actual pages.  I am getting there!  I did make some cards for a card class,  Shaker cards, which ran Tuesday night.  Tree Shakercardclass007 Star

Janine and Steph came to visit last week, and between us we had 8 children in the house.  ( two were imobile!)  My sister and her 2 were here as well.  I had not seen Steph since Madison was born.  So we had two dear little girls laying on the floor goo-ing and gaa-ing, one little man crawling AND 5 bigger kids running around!  It was lovely, and all the kids did very well.  Mykenzie and Emma hunted for bugs, and gathered containers full.  Mmmm nice!

I still have the christmas shopping to attend to, which I am putting off....But if I don't get onto it, It will be a much harder task than it should be!  Blah!  I did promise the kids we will put the tree up this weekend, that should shake me out of my denial, that I do actually need to go shopping!


I think that is pretty much our month!

Hope you are all well. xx 


  1. Ah Lydell I have half that many kids every day! LOL! Had a great time and have scrapped the pics already!

  2. finally you have updated your blog good to see.Hope all is well take care Kerry