Friday, July 31, 2009

Hi All....
Wow, August is here already, well almost!  That makes just a few months until Christmas!  My Goodness....Should start on the Christmas lists and gift/card ideas, all the goodies that go hand in hand with Christmas, but need a little time to organise....maybe I am getting ahead of myeslf, just a little, but usually I am deciding to do some major creation just a few days before and find myself majorly stressed and staying up late to finish, Not good!

I have done a couple of LO's for Color Combo's Galore #128 AND #129

#128 Pallette

This is slightly toned down a little, all those colours are in the print of the 'patchwork' paper, but in small amounts.  The combo did freak me out slightly...The colours were so bright, but I did it in my style.....make the colour you like the least..... least featured!!!  They are still all there, just in small amounts! 
I hand made the book page roses and wired them onto a wire stem....then just added the tiny Prima roses in at the bottom.  The centres of the roses also have a little Prima stamen that the trimmed pages are wrapped around too, and a couple of leaves taken from a cheap bouquet.  I just cut the petal shapes by hand into rough little 'oval' shapes cut in halves, then just wrapped and scrunched around the previous one with a dob of good glue.  Not too tricky.

and #129

First Teacher  

Loved this colour Scheme.  It came together so easily!
I have just completed the next one, which is my pallette,  But it has not been revealed yet!  Next Monday I hear....will probably be a little later than that, but it is a I picked challenging colours.  I thought they were very pretty and I enjoyed them,  I would have liked more paper to choose from though!  My stash did not hold much in the colours I needed!  I guess if nothing else these challenges let you know where you have holes in your stash!  As well as using up papers that may have been sitting for ages, and you would not usually go to! get cracking on the next round of things I have due!  Will share as I can!
Hope you are having a good week!


  1. Hi Lydell! Both layouts are just gorgeous! Love the soft colours in the first... very pretty... and the bold colours and design in the second are so striking!
    Sheree xx

  2. Lydell they are both great love the boy layout so fresh and bright.Take care Kerry xx

  3. Hello Hello there, your blog is gorgeous - just like your work. It's going to be fun working with you. Mel x

  4. Woohoo she updates!! Love both of these LO's! I have to chuckle when you say you toned done the colours a BIT with the first one!! LOL! Make that very toned down! Still beautiful though one day I am going to force you to do really BRIGHT!!!!