Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wow....Christmas is coming up fast.

Real fast.

AND...It has been 69 days since my last post.

Lots to share.  Too much for one post.  I probably should not save up!!!!!  I will just start somewhere.....nowhere in particular.  Here is a past sketch from Scrapz.Biz



Really loving Vintage ATM.  Can't get enough.


Another LO from Scrapz.  A challenge weekend we held for Thanksgiving got me thinking.  We were responsible for running a series of challenges over the weekend.  Great fun, BTW.....I did some research about what it actually is in the US.....I liked the idea so much that I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner this year with my family, (My Dad/Step Mum. My Mum/Step Dad, My sister and her family and us) and it was really nice.  We don't have thanksgiving in Australia, but I really enjoyed the reflection and the time spent with family.  I think I feel a tradition coming on.  I will do it again next year.  It is such a nice idea, to tell the people we love what we love about them.....while we can still be with them.


Another challenge on Scrapz.  This one was part of a huge series called The Scrapper of OZ.  There were many senarios ( all based around the movie 'The wizard of OZ') and 4 rounds plus the grand final.  If there is anything the site owner (Heike) knows it is how to dream up challenges.  She has THE most innovative ideas.  This particular one, had to include several things.  The title 'If only' ( from the movie- if only I had a heart, brain, courage) Two distict sides (Left and right sides of the brain)  a symbol of courage (the beetles) and a heart.  It was a fun one to do!  I hand painted some Websters paper with water colours, and went over it with luminous medium, making it all sparkly.  (adding a drop of Liquid Pearls to the centres)  The heart is just cut half way with a craft knife, then folded in half revealing the back side of the paper (stunning BTW)

and one just cause.

Well today includes making 100 place cards for a big Christmas dinner we are hosting at our church on Saturday......and some more shopping if I need a break from 100 cards... We have Denver's 7th birthday party here on Sunday also.  So there are a million things to do!  I also have photo catch ups to do for my intended Days of December album......which I have not started.  (we wont mention that again!!!!) 

DH just got up to make me a I will wait patiently in bed for that to arrive......isnt it the life.  and yes I do realise I have it pretty good!!!! (That first morning coffee being so important and all!)

Until next time!  (not 69 days either!)


  1. Yeah you finally blogged the layouts look fab.I hope you have a lovley xmas and new year.Catchup soon take care KErry xx

  2. you are a busy girl lydell...enjoy your coffee in bed - makes it taste sooo much better.

  3. Finally an update!! YAY!! Love the layouts and great sketch as well.

  4. I was just blog surfing? and saw your lo's and had to tell you they are just gorgeous.

  5. Love the half and half heart! Very cool!