Sunday, June 6, 2010

Catch up...... I am playing catch up!  Far too much on it seems!!!!  I am just a little behind.Palette#7SN
So pretty!  Maybe just a little unexpected, but it's these palettes that challenge us!

My Lovely Old (great) uncle Kelve.  He lived across the road form us as I was growing Up.  Because I spent so much time on my own, with Dad out working I spent a great deal of my teen years having a cuppa with Uncle Kelve.  In a tiny country town with no Mum or siblings living with us, he was my companion.  I loved him dearly.  I am so thankful he got to meet my little boy 7 years ago, before he died!


It was good to do colours I would not have put together, and nice to get this photo scrapped. 
Ok....that's number 7 Number 8.....Last weeks!   Not so far behind!

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