Monday, March 14, 2011

TCR's Palette this week.....

It a good one! ( I like the black and pinks anyway!!!!)

If you would like to join in.....head over HERE
Lots of inspiration already on the PhotoWall!

Heres what I did with the palette this week......

Sponsored by AMY from
You have got to check out her store. She has some of the cheapest prices I have seen online. A great delection too!!!! Mists and flowers, prima branches and bling on this one.

There is some recycling on this too. The black flower and the corrugated plastic stuff is from a box of Haighs chocolate My DH bought me for Valentines day. They were so expensive, I HAD to use the packaging as well. The chocs were not that nice, (actually that is being very polite.....they were nasty) so that was even more incentive to do something with what was left.......LOL.
NOTE/......steer clear of the 'Australian collection'.....containing toffee and wattle seeds - which do not come out of your teeth and I am certain you are not actually meant to eat, 'cause you really cant chew them......and lemon myrtal which features a lovely flavour not too dissimilar to the aroma of citrus tiolet freshener
AND strawberry and pepperberry.....not pleasant. Now I walk in the park and smell some strong (and slightly unpleasant) aroma from the shrubs here and there and think 'Haighs would probably be all over that to put in a chocolate'. Dont get me wrong. I LOVE haighs chocolate....their mint chocolate is to die for....but The Australia collection.....not so much.

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  1. This is terrific!!! I think all your colors are spot on!!!!