Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Such cool products Helmar is responsible for!  I have used Super Tac for years, and have gone through more bottles than I can count.  I would 'sell' it everywhere I went and used it on EVERYTHING!!!!  this is way before I was part of the Helmar Team!!!!!  And here I still am.......raving about a tried and true product......
So here is a project I did with theses two products!

This is my lounge room/dining wall above my scrapping table. 
I painted Quin on the wall free hand with blue acrylic paint.  Printed out the letters on good quality cardstock and painted them chocolate brown.  Then went over these with two coats of acrylic sealer.  Then I glued these straight to my wall with HELMAR Super Tac

For more details see the original post on theHelmar blog  HERE.

Oh one other thing I did recently using Helmar Supertac......(Its versatile I tell you!!!!)

I used an old wine case, with the help of my DH, and used Helmar Super Tac to glue in some shelves he cut to size.  We screwed them to the wall, and then I glued extra shelves directly to the wall with that good old  SuperTac glue!  Something I knew my Dad would not approve of......(and I was right......he frowned when I showed him I had glued them to the wall!!!!!  LOL)  It holds all my Shimmerz Paints and other paint/ink products I own!

I was pretty stoked with this particular household project....it turned out pretty cool and serves a fabulous purpose.  My stuff is so much easier to choose and use now!!!

Hope you try some of these Helmar Goodies.....they are pretty cool!
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  1. I love that you painted your name Quin freely on the wall and those words glued using Helmar! and those shelves are just gorgeous and amazingly it stick so well to the wall with Helmar. Outstanding! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love what you have done with those shelves!!! Teehee, working out a way to steal it from you for my area!!