Saturday, March 3, 2012

37 weeks......

You may have noted the little image I found to put here

Counting down the days now.
19 days to go

-I am well.  
-Just feeling a little heavy and have some sciatic pain from the extra weight, especially if I sit or stand for too long,
I think I even waddle sometimes!!!!
- I am seriously into the nesting period.....although that started months ago it seems
-Slowly getting back all the things we need for Baby B's arrival
(after giving it all away just a matter of weeks before finding out we were expecting another !!!!)
-Starting to think about what I have been successfully putting my head in the sand about......
THE BIRTH (cringe)
-Baby B is VERY active, but at least I am never wondering if he is ok for long.....he lets me know he is there regularly
-Sleep is very disrupted, but I am not too affected by it.....
-Have stopped work on my one day a week at my local scrapping store.....
(preparing to do some work from home.)
It is just too much to be on my feet standing all day.
-almost died in the few days recently of almost 40 degree (C) heat -ewww.
-am finding its getting harder to bend down and get back up again!  LOL.....drying my feet is getting progressively more difficult.  Sometimes they just have to air dry!!!  LOL
-got myself a nappy bag the other day and a change mat and we finally found a good and (on sale) baby seat, and installed in the car!
-two of my very special girlfriends are putting on a little get together for me tomorrow, where we get to eat cake, drink coffee and chat for the last time before I am sleep deprived and frazzled!!!!  Thanks so Much in advance Janine and Miranda. xx (Lovely Girls)

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