Thursday, January 17, 2013

Shimmerz Page......

Morning all.

I recently did a video for Shimmerz, using the sprays like watercolours.  They have a fantastic watercolour characteristic, if you are so inclined, and they 'shine' (no pun intended) on watercolour paper.

Watch Here.......

Heaps of fun!!!

And heres the Page using the watercolour piece from the video.....

Thats the fun stuff for today.  I am off to do the next Palette for The Color Room.

142 will be released tomorrow, so if you plan on doing 141, jump on it!!!  Still a few hours to fit it in!

Be back soon.  


  1. marvellous work.. thank you very much for this beautiful video...

  2. Love this effect and love the project created too! The colouring is just fabulous!