Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alacraft in July

July already!
We shared our 12 year anniversary and I cant believe its been that long already, but at the same time it feels like its always been.  I guess that's all you can hope for isn't it?  Being married to your best friend, whom you can barely remember life without.  We have a 10 year old, and 8 year old and a 15 month old.  That's where the time went!  From now, it just needs to slow down......

So anyway sharing some more things today.  I posted the Helmar Challenge HERE, and my project for this challenge used some more Items from ALACRAFT online store.  Read about the store HERE

and some more projects using some lovely goodies from their store.....

So here's where I found all the goodies.

Butterflies....they are so sweet.  There is a whole Butterfly section HERE
Flowers....so many lovely choices and very affordable  HERE
Lace....Alacraft specialises in this gorgeous wedding Lace  HERE
Beaded trims....so many selections by the metre HERE
fabric bags....perfect for adding to a gift tag to hold a gift card or money HERE

If you want any of these lovely products that make crafting so easy......heres an incentive for you!

For followers of this blog use your discount code to get 20% off your order. Enter code 'LYDL20' at checkout for this special offer!  But not only that theres more.....  
There are also monthly product give-aways to be won, just by leaving your email address.  You can do it every month if you like, but the Monthly raffle giveaway is $25 each month!
Go HERE and leave your email address in the month you would like to enter.  Then go back and do it again next month!!!

Have fun!


  1. Yes! Time certainly flies with children! Congratulations gorgeous. Was lovely to see your other half a month ago. Your designs are as gorgeous as always!

  2. adorable projects, thanks for sharing