Friday, August 1, 2014

Art Journal Project

Here's my Page.  You can see the water coloured background.  I used Shimmerz Inklingz!  Love,Love,Love these!!!

Here's a quick run through of what I did.....

I began by covering my whole page with Clear Gesso, making the paper less absorbent for wet media.

I painted my girls face, using Ceramcoat paint in Santa's Flesh and drew on her features and hair with Prisma's. 

Then tore up strips of music paper and glued it all onto her hair with gel medium.  Gel medium is a more slick surface than I would like, so I gave the hair another coat of clear gesso.

I let this dry and then added in the pencil lines indicating hair with a Prisma Color Pencil.

The hair was done with Vibez Razzle Dazzle Berry.

I put the Vibez in an aqua brush and painted it on in layers.   

Something fun......
I adore Prisma Color Pencils.  Like really love them.
Something interesting and very unexpected happens to them when used on Clear Gesso with the Vibez and water..... They behave a little like water colour pencils, and become soluble!  (So cool!)  Not sure why....but they do.  Who am I to argue.  Just work with it!

Next I got out My Inklingz.
I used the Pearl collection.

First I sprayed the background with water, then after activating the Inklingz with water, I loosely brushed the colour on.

Lastly I did some brush lettering and added a quote using India Ink.

And that's it from me today.
Have a wonderful day!

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