Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Upcoming auction at Von Rock Auctions and Sales.

I have been painting furiously over the last few weeks.  I am being represented in an online auction held at the end of February.  Von Rock Auctions and Sales has a variety of art for sale.  Some amazing artists there!  Auction starts on Friday.

Some of my pieces in this auction are these

all Watercolour (Pebeo) on 300gsm Canson Watercolour Paper.

Acrylic Mixed Media on Canvas.  Covered in Beeswax
(This might be my favourite.  I love the feel of the beeswax.  Its a lovely finish.
lots of dimension too)

Just have a little look at some of the other Art for sale there this coming weekend.  It looks incredible!

Thanks for dropping in today.  Lovely to see you!  :-)


  1. Love love love these!!! Good Luck hun xxxx

  2. the press release notes the bid-to-cover ratio of 3.23 and provides the source data for the numerator and denominator. Finally, Social Media and Visual culture