Monday, February 27, 2006


Wow!  My feet are sooo sore.....We worked at the scrapbooking fair today, and although we did hire some chairs, we never actually received them, so the three of us were on our feet all day.  It was a good day though.  I was kept relatively busy, with the make and take tags.  People seemed to enjoy them, and all the proceeds are for Sids for Kids, which is certainly a good cause.  It is a few hours since I got home now, and the feeling of standing all day is just beginning to hit!  My two little bodies missed me though, and that is a nice change, since they are with me all the time and only ever get a chance to miss daddy!  It is lovely when they run to give ME a cuddle.  It's a sore point.  My little Miss is Daddy's girl and pushes me away if I get too close to Daddy when he is holding her.  It is just lovely to see, and I warn my DH all the time that he had better be appreciating it.  I would just revel in it!  She does need mum though if she gets hurt!

DH took both of them into the city today to get some things he needed,  Tried Rio's to get me some Crema (?? Apparently is better than esspresso)  But it was closed!  GRRR.  We do have 2 kilos of espresso...So all is not lost!  Would have loved one when I got home this evening, but am a little wary these days of caffeine that late in the day.  Sleep is so precious in our household, that I dare not self inflict a reason to be awake at 3am!  Madam Moo has been sorting that out for me.  Both of my dear little souls are on the mend from their nasty bug though, so hopefully they will regain some of their better sleep patterns!

DH is getting really good at having these two all day.  Not that long ago the house looked like a bomb had hit it, nothing had been touched,  and Madam Moo may not have even had a proper lunch!!... whenever I returned home from work, but these days, things are neat, barr a few toys, dishes in the dishwasher, a load of washing on the line, Dried laundry folded ready to be put away, kids bathed and fed,  Missy Moo has had her bedtime bottle and a plate of dinner for me in the fridge.  Can't get too much better than this.  I am very appreciative.  He does a very good job.

Well should head off to bed anyway,  Good night!

Dell x

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