Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Things to do...Things to do!

There are just two weeks left before J heads off to Washington and London, or wherever he is ending up over there during the fortnight he is away.  Which means I only have a fortnight to complete all the things I have to get done before we too head over to Sydney.  I'm going over there while DH is away so I am not home alone here!  We will visit J's Sister and cousin Kate who is in Newcastle.  We will drive over, so I can take toys for the kids, the portacot and pram and all the other things we might need during that time.  Not to mention how nice it will be to have the car.  I don't know this area at all.  I don't remember much from College, as far as places go.  I guess it was about 14 years ago. 

I think I have a few LO's due for the design team, we need to get Katies Newcastle invites done, Katies birthday present needs completing as does her engagement present!  Oh my.  I should not be on line really!

BUT....Madam Moo has just gone to sleep and I am enjoying some quiet time!  She did not sleep well last night.  Neither did D.  Both have the flu.  It is not fun when little people are sick.  Now I feel fairly ordinary.  Am getting a sore throat.  This is the third night we have had not much sleep.  So I guess it is inevitable I get the flu too.

Well this had better be it for today! 


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