Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Up and atom!

It is such a pretty day here in Adelaide.  Very sunny, still just a little chilly though!  Nothing like a bright sunny day to lift the spirits.  My DH has to go in to work today.  He took yesterday off to look after the little ones, as I am still out of action.  Today I am feeling a little better, but am still very sore ( bad back) I should be ok though!  Might be fun putting Missy Moo to bed at lunch time,(Lifting her into her cot)  But I should be able to manage.  My Chiro does not work today either, so I will have to wait until tomorrow, which is probably a good thing, as he can't really do to much in the way of realignment when I am so sore! 

I just went to visit this site and found these alphabet stamps called My Acrylix Oh so yummy!  It is one of those party plan things though, AND they are only in the US.  GRRRR.....I could have myself some of these real easy!  I searched and searched the other day for someone who sold Pigment Pro pens (American Crafts)  But nope.  Did find some on E-bay, but they are coming from America, and the postage was $18.  What a killer!  I did get the pens really cheap for what they would cost per pen here, and I have every colour in every size I believe.  Yippee.  Can't wait till they come now!  Supposedly really nice for journaling!

Got the lastest Stampin' Up catalogue (here) yesterday too.  Actually found a consultant in SA and she sent it to me.  They are just starting to sell in Australia.  They have a set of date stamps I adore.  MMMMM Yum!

Well must get on with this day, as best as I can.  That might mean getting up!  I have been laying down for two days now, and I am pretty sick of it.  Might be time to take some pain relief and soldier on!

Have a good day everyone,

Lydell xx


  1. You poor thing! Can't imagine how frustrating it must be?! Take those pain killers and try and do something fun...just for you. :)

  2. I hope you can manage alright today Lydell. Go the drugs! LOL!

  3. Oh you poor thing Ihope your back improves real soon. Yay stamping up stamps in Aussie.