Thursday, August 17, 2006

News for this week!

Mid August already!  Time goes so fast these days.  Unfortunately not too much has happened in the way of scrapping, but I do have some news!!  I entered the Masters Competition a few weeks ago now, and heard nothing back,  Janine knew someone who had had a call saying they had made the top 100.  So I knew I wasn't one of them!  Oh well, not too disappointed.  Just try again! A couple of weeks go by, then this week......I was called by SM to say they had not received my work yet.  "What work"  I know I have a LO in Scrapbook Creations soon, but not SM.  "Your Masters Entry!!"  Oh!! - I was on the phone one day a few weeks ago and missed a call.  I did the *10# thing and got a Sydney Number I did not recognise, but thought they would ring back if they really wanted me.  ( Must get call waiting switched off...I feel too rude taking another call if I am on one, so I never use it.)  Anyway.  Just as well I hadn't started to use what I had made for the BTP project!!!  I had thought about it, just not gotten around to it!.... So that was a bit of excitement in my week!  I have since packaged it all up and sent it off.  I must admit, I really don't expect it to go any further, but it's nice to get this far!

Our other news is that I am an Auntie once again!  Siann had a little boy 8 lb1.  Emerson Joel.  Have to share a pic or two.  I have tried to stay away for a bit while Siann heals and gets used to another body in the house.  My little boy and her little boy are 6 weeks apart, and they on a bad day, are likeEmersonblog fuel and fire!  They feed off one another, yet they love each other dearly.  3 1/2 year olds seem to have so much trouble sharing their things!  Sometimes it is incredibly stressful all being together if they are at one another.  We refuse to let it stop us spending time together, but If we are trying to do something, it does get quite difficult.  So I have not got more recent photos of the little man.  His little face is not so puffy now by all accounts and he is the perfect baby so far.  Is sleeping all night, and is proving to be much easier for Siann out rather than in!!!  I told her not to get used to it, as it could well change!!!

Thought I might just share one of the LO's that is for the class schedule at Scrapbook Station, one of several I am due to have finished!  Must get going on them!  Had a bit of a scrapping drought is all!  It is one of two for this particular class.The_art_of_life Theartoflife2

It is actually straight IRL  Looks like the black cardstock is askew on the orange, but it isn't  really!!!

Well should really be scrapping, rather than blogging!!!   TFL



  1. Congrats on the masters. Hope you make it even further, your work rocks!
    Nic xx

  2. OMG Lydell!! How exciting!! Good luck. Not that you need it as your stuff is so cool. Woohoo, so cool. OK I'm a bit excited for you here.

  3. You know how excited I am for you!!!! I love your class LO too! But you know that already as well!

  4. Miss Lydell, How exciting - Unreal News Hon...Im crossing every possible apendage that I can - (that should be interesting !!! ) Siann's little Emerson is just must be lovely being an Auntie again. What a blessing.
    Steph xo

  5. woah! big congrats, lydell!!! i want to see your work in the book, ok? so make sure you make it through:)