Monday, November 13, 2006

Can't believe a month has past!

Wow, It has been a while.  Just the normal everyday stuff, which tends to keep me very busy.  Had a few classes, which were good.  Went and stayed with my Mum for a week, which was also good.  Change of scenery.

John has started the decking out the side of the house, he has just had a fortnight off work to make a start on it.  It looks a little closer to a deck, but not enough like one!!!  All the steel is there, but it is quite a way off the ground, so it can not be any sort of uasable deck until walls go up as well.  Me thinks it is still a way off.  Oh well I have waited this long!

I have done a few layouts.  Had lots of fun doing them.  There was a time not so long ago where all my layouts were a marathon, and they took days to complete.  I have no idea what has happened, but I can complete one quite quickly lately.  Go figure!  I am enjoying it though.  Quick satisfaction.  I am still talking a few hours though, not 15 minutes like Heidi Swapp once stated!  Can't work that one out!

Watching Australian Idol tonight, Marcia made mention of Rove McMannus losing his wife,it was a shock.  I totally missed Damiens performance.  Very sad.   She fought for so long.  8 years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and at 32 she lost her fight.  Far too young.  She didn't even get the chance to be a mum. (don't think they had any did they?)  I am guessing she was sick for too long?  My heart goes out to her family.

Well I will upload a couple of the layouts I have done.  Then I will hit the sack I think.  Both my little ones are sick with the flu, and are miserable, which makes me miserable, so I need my sleep.  Far too cranky with grizzly children otherwise!


My little future scrapbooking partner at it again!  But oh so cute.

FamilyjpgThis one was for the last newsletter challenge for the Scrapbook Station newsletter.  People use the fortnightly blueprint sketch and do their own version of it, and if your layout is chosen youDecorative_edges win some goodies! 

Another Scrapbook Station DT Layout.  Decorative borders this time.

O.K that's it for me. Till next time.  Wont leave it so long this time!  Very slack!


  1. The deck will happen!!! And you will have sooooo much usable space outside for Mazzie and Denver and E when he visits!! Oh, that was me visiting and dragging E along! LOL!! Mind you he asks every day, can we go to Denvers House!!

  2. House stuff just takes sooo long to build, doesn't it! Our deck down the back of the garden has been "in progress" for far too long. Like most of the stuff happening around our house, lol.
    Love the layouts. The decorative edge one is supa! And yay you, if you can get a layout done super quick. That's great.