Thursday, December 21, 2006

I have not blogged for so long!  Shame on me!

I have not been blog surfing either, so don't know much about anyone ATM.  Not good.  I miss it every time I get busy and neglect the online world!

Can't believe it is only a matter of days now before Christmas!  Last Christmas still seems not all that long ago.  There is also the fact that I still have gifts to buy and organising to do.  We are having 17 here for Christmas Lunch!  AHHHHH!  That's a lot huh!  It will be fine.......(Nervous laugh!)  Hopefully John will get the decking finished in time.  My Dad is coming tomorrow to help for a bit.  Driving from two hours away.  Good ole Dad.  The kids love him visiting.  He has just been on holiday in Melbourne visiting my step sisters.  Cindy is 32 weeks pregnant and they have just bought their first home which needed some work.  Apparently she has been washing dishes in a bucket, as they pulled out their sink to get the new kitchen installed, and then it was a while before anything appeared to happen with it.  Dad ended up putting an entire new kitchen in for her.  He came back utterly exhausted.  He gets home and I ask him to help us with the deck!  LOL!  Poor Dad. 

I have not done too much in the way of scrapping.  Just organising Christmas gifts ( of a scrapping nature!)  I did complete an 8x8 album for dad for his 60th birthday on the weekend.  It took every ounce of scrapping ability I had!  All fishing photos of waders, horizon, net, orange corks and plenty of blue/green water.  It looked good in the end, and I was happy with it, but every single page I started, I packed it up at least once, 'cause I couldn't do it!!!  It really did take a long time!

Any way I might go take this opportunity to blog surf!  Catch up on the world!


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  1. Hi Lydell
    It has been ageeees, lol.
    Congratulations on your SM HM!!!!
    And your getting your deck finished, yeah for you!
    Cheers Louise :)