Monday, March 19, 2007

Last few weeks....

Well DH is off to America again.  For 3 weeks this time.  It sounds fine saying it now....but 3 weeks when he is away feels endless.  And...he goes away just in time for our scrapping evening at Scrapbook Station  Leaving me with the fear that I may not be able to go.  I will try though!!! 

Nothing really exciting has happened of late.  "It has been 1 month since my last blog....."  sounds like the addiction it is!!!  I surf very regularly, just the posting part is a little sparce.

A few friends of mine are expecting their second and fourth babies!  I am surrounded by pregnant people.  I know 6 to be exact.  That's far too many all at once.  Maybe there is something in the water.  (Note to self.....don't drink the water.)  It is lovely though.  I love bubbies.  Just more when I am not the one getting up all through the night to feed.  Those memories are still strong!  We are really only recently, sleeping through the night.  I have never had that much luck with sleeping babies.  They were both far too hungry to sleep!  My Sister on the other hand has had very good sleepers.  Her first let her sleep all the way 'in' in the morning.  Now her 7 month old is letting her do the same.  And he has been sleeping through for months.   I am hoping all the people I know who are expecting, have good luck in the sleeping department.  I am sure most people already know Janine and Steph are two of the glowing 'mum's to be'.  Such good news on both fronts.  Both have had heavy hearts waiting.  I am very happy for them, for their anticipated bundles have been so yearned for.  Not too far apart either.  (This will undoubtedly increase my teaching schedule at the shop!!! LOL)  So long as they bring the babies in for a cuddle...all will be well!  I am also excited for the abundance of baby LO's we can all expect from these two particular 'very talented' girls...  Now- we know the orientation of Janine's pages....."10 years of repressed pink" will come out significantly with floods of pink, frilly and floral covered works of Art. We know not what Steph will be drawn to as yet....Will it be some soft shades of Blues and greens, or more of the same beautiful works she has lavished on us in the past?....I don't believe she is telling! Any one guessing.  She sounded very excitied when she told us on the SS forum....So I was thinking maybe a boy??????? (I am not the betting kind though!!)

On a sadder note....I have had a couple of people on my mind regularly this last week or so.  Neither of them I know, but I know the pain they must surely be feeling at losing people they love.  One is a 'friend' on the SS forum ( one whom I have not met but have chatted with regularly over the last few months)  She lost a friend far too young, and all of a sudden life is not quite the same.  It takes a long while for the heaviness to subside....but it does eventually.  The other family is one I read about on Melody Ross' blog (The 'Chatterbox' founder)  About five years ago they lost a little girl, when a friend of theirs accidently ran her over (not being able to see a toddler when reversing)  That in itself is just horrendous...But a couple of weeks ago they lost 3 more of their children in a car accident.  Apparently in Utah the driving age without an adult is 15.  Sounds like something they need to rethink.  To think of some of the 15 year olds kids I know being behind a wheel is just...oh my goodness!  They have four other children who have lost their older brothers and sister.  Two other kids from another family were killed also.  It just tears at me...the thought of losing one child is something that scares me so very much.  But to lose more than one is just unimaginable.  I have sent up lots of prayers for the remaining families having to live through these few weeks without their children, siblings, grand children and friends.  Just too hard.

We have recently lost two people from both sides of our family.  Neither of which were close.  But they were family.  One was an skiing accident, the other  a suicide.  Both around 50 years old,  Just too hard.  The suicide was the worst to handle.  Our family is no stranger to accidents.  We have almost been waiting for the next one.  The space between them was getting too far.(Sounds morbid I know, but there has not been a good track record)   But when Peter took his own life,  it was the worst kind of shock.  He was such a happy man.  I still can't believe it has happened.  It just doesn't fit the person I knew.  He was very high up in the police force, and took such pride in his work.  The commissioner said "Adelaide has lost a fierce protector" in the newspaper obituaries.  He has a wife and two daughters whom he adored like you wouldn't believe.  Just doesn't fit.

But I guess this is life.  We just have to survive our way through it.  There is still a lot to be thankful for.  Just a bit harder for those affected at the moment to see.

Well now that I am feeling a lot more somber now than before, I can't got to sleep, with my mind thinking on such things.  So I think I should check out Two Peas.  Am needing as much motivation as I can muster up.  Tomorrow is a kindy day and I am hoping, a scrapping day!

Wow- this was a lot longer than I had planned, so sorry about that.  Nice to get things out though.

Night all. x


  1. Oh wow, you've covered both ends of the life cycle today.
    I too am thrilled for Janine and Steph. Can't wait to meet their little bubbies. I'm sure the next few months will pass in the blink of an eye. (For us, not necessarily them, lol)
    Big hugs for those that have suffered loss lately. So sorry to hear about the deaths in your family, Lydell. Suicide is so sad. And it is often the way that people who suicide do not give away any sign of their inner torment. So sad that they feel they have to carry their burdens alone and can't reach out for help.

  2. Lea Adcock (Dark Angel)March 21, 2007 at 8:59 AM

    Thankyou Lydell, hugs to you.

  3. Don't worry Lydell, I'm sure you will get plenty of cuddles of my little bundle once she is born!!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent loss. Suidice is awful, more so for us left wondering why? I too have lost family members in the same way and it's something I will never understand.