Monday, February 12, 2007

SCRAPBOOK STATION has recently gotten their forum up and going, and we already have a really nice community over there.  AND the Gallery.....more inspiration...just what I need!

Speaking of inspiration...On the forum today a site was listed to show the CHA releases.  I have seen them all before, but where I saw them, it was a little tedious,  but THIS one is great.  Pick your manufacturer and drool!  mmmm-mmm.

Well DS has gone off to Kindy today......Still not used to it, as I am savouring every minute....( As you can tell by my DD still in her PJ's with the TV on and me tapping away at the computer!!!  And yes there are dishes on the sink, and washing to be done....(Is there ever not washing to be done???)

It was DH birthday yesterday, and we got him a homedics massage cushion.  It is a whole seat you attach to your own chair and plug it in and away it goes....MMM.  It is technically his....but when he's not home....IT"S MINE!!!  You can't actually sit on it for too long as it leaves you very sore. It is a fairly intense massage.  He had a nice day, and Denver and I made him a cake.  His parents came out to visit, so the kids got presents too, they loved it!

Well I guess I should actually do something other than enjoy my partly free day.  I should be able to do both shouldn't I???

Bye for now.


  1. Your reasoning for buying the massager sounds very familiar to why I bought one for Paul at Xmas time!! Hehehehe!!

  2. Well u really didnt have to show that site did you, sending me to all the new things .... hehe im sure you bougt the massager for him!!!

  3. Hippie Birdie Two Ewes to Hubby. Hope you guys had a great day.... massager sounds wonderful. Im sure you will enjoy it !!! oh and hub. Are we ever going to have longer than two minutes in the same room ?? Nice seeing you at the fair for a short instance. Just crazy ha ?
    Steph xo