Monday, June 4, 2007

Another month gone by

I can't believe a month has passed again.  I can't believe the lack of time I have to scrap either!  I have done so little lately it is depressing!  I have well passed due deadlines.  I am working on them.......Not like me at all!  We have been sick for what seems like a very long time.  About 12-13 weeks.  John is just getting over his version of the flu.  Hopefully that is the end of it.  That is far too long.  I even went and bought us some multivitamins.  It is just silly.  Denver just kept bringing germ after germ home from Kindy.  He is there 4 days a week now, instead of the two he did last time.  Lots more exposure I guess!

Well my bathroom is looking better than it has looked over the last two weeksEnsuite1 


Ensuite6 So that is starting to look like a bathroom again.  The Guy is in laying the tiles as we speak.....Yay.  That is actually a saga in itself.  Our tiles had been discontinued and I had to select a different tile for the floor.  Hope I chose right, I didn't want a plain colour tile ( The floor and walls were matching)  The house is only 4 years old, so I was not sick of my choices yet. But they are nearly done with the ensuite now, and the main bathroom is next.  ( Yes I know the plumber/tiler who did the job only 4 years ago should not be helping to build houses.  They have had to rip out the floor for all the water damage.)

Anyway....Apart from Illnesses, that is about the size of things in our life ATM!!!  Now I am off to scrap!!!!  Whoo-hoo..Now just hope the kids will let me!


  1. Oh Lydell, cant wait to see the finished bathroom!!!!
    Bumma about being crook for so long :(
    Louise :)
    PS Thank you v.much for your lovely comment and Congrats on my blog!! :) :)

  2. So glad your bathrooms are being fixed up! I don't envy you once the main bathroom gets pulled apart! What a nightmare!