Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Know...I know!!!!

I have been told enough lately how slack I am....And I know it!  I have not been sitting about twiddling my thumbs, but it seems if I don't make distinct efforts to keep track of this blog, It can go by the wayside.  I have not even visited anyone elses blogs either.  I really have not even scrapped since my last entry!  I did do the project for the Whalers retreat, which I taught on Sunday just gone, and that was fun!  I have another class on the weekend to finish off, and I have all the classes for the next schedule to do yet, and they are meant to be well and truely on the way by now, probably even up on the wall already.  Yes I am juggling!  I really should not even be blogging now!  I have done the Kindy drop and pick up thing and both kids are in my care again, so maybe I can get some stuff done.  I do have the washing to do, I have cleaned the house, but not my scrapping area. (which really needs to be clean before I can start!)  It is always something.  I have a list as long as my arm of things that I should be doing, but I could have that every day.  hmmm!

One thing I do need to do is take a photo of my completed bathrooms,  That many people have said they would like to see it completed, without the water damage and mold everywhere!  I will do that now.....Ensuite Julnejulyaugust150 Julnejulyaugust154 Completedbathrooms005

Julnejulyaugust158 Denvers room all patched up.....They had to cut out the bottom part of his wall and replace it.

So there you go!  Completed and looking much better!  The different tiles are not too obvious....Much better for little wet slippery feet straight out of the bath, ( they are not glossy!)  And most of all it is oh-so-nice to have my house back.  I got quite tired of sharing it with work men all day every day.

Anyway  that's that!  We put in another claim for the wodden floor boards out side the bathroom, and got a settlement for them, finding matching floorboards was going to be a nightmare when we didn't evenknow the manufacturer.  On with life now!

well should get back to it....'life' that is.....or maybe the scrapping element of my life!  He he he! 


  1. Yeah, woo hoo, bout time and at last!!!! [lol]
    Thank you for bathroom piccies :)

  2. Great to see an update! Cant wait to see some more creations by you! Hint!! Hint!!

  3. Lydell you finally updated your blog well done. Thanks for a great class yesterday now to finish the layouts that i have from this series.bathrooms look great.Anyway talk to you soon.take care Kerry

  4. Your bathroom looks fantastic - must be nice to finally have it done.
    Nic xxx