Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chaos..but Bliss!

Well since that last post, we had about a week of sanity with two working bathrooms, with the ensuite complete and now even bigger mess....They have begun the main bathroom.  SOOOO much dust it is incredible.  The floor boards are covered in a film of fine white dust, even after being swept.  Not to mention all the furniture throughout the entire house....Even though the bathroom door has been shut the entire time!  It's a pain having workmen in your home all day every day too!  You can't do anything you want to do cause they are walking in and out all day!  And the noise....Jack hammering and drills Blah!

What I have been able to do , and about all I can do is scrap!  (Whoo-hoo)  BUT.....I am very conscious of them thinking it's all I do, with Mykenzie sitting in front of the TV!!! ( Her bedroom is off the hallway past the bathroom, and I don't really want her getting in the way)  Every time they go past I am sitting at my table creating away!  ( Good for me, not having had the time lately to get anything done at all....) I have done about 4 double LO in the last two days, since these guys have been working in my house.  It is actually work, as the LO's need to be done to show at the Birthday at the Scrapbook Station on sunday.  It's promoting a Class on at the moment, 'The Vintage Series', which as the name suggests is Heritage.  It is also available in Kit form, so all this has to be done....I am not just scrapping all day for pleasure!!!!  (Although it is pretty liberating after not doing it for a while.)

Anyway....Should make the most of this time while it is available to me.....  Scrap time!!!


  1. Feeling for ya! I know all about that renovation dust. We were still finding it in little nooks and crannies right up until open inspections to sell the place!
    Yay for you at having lots of scrapping time. The best way to be, so enjoy it :)

  2. Wow but once its all done you'll love the new bathroom and it becomes worth it.
    Woohoo for scrapping too I need to get onto it myself.

  3. Oh I hate to think how hard it must be for your atm!! Can't wait to see your creations and who cares if the tradies see you scrapping all day, it is what you do for a job and it is a bonus that you enjoy it!! If you had a pile of paperwork in front of you they wouldn't bat an eyelid about it and just assume you were working from home!

  4. Good on you Lydell ,don't feel guilty that's what you do for your dollar.I hope that the renovations will be finished soon.Then what excuse are you going to need to do your scrapbooking?

  5. Hey Lydell...
    I followed a link from somewhere..and ended up at your So i thought i would pop in and say hi.
    I am from the Riverland in SA. Have you ever been over this way?

  6. Lydell, what a mess Mr Hart !!!! OMG, I know what I am like with chaos. Feeling for you right now. Glad to see that you are the family are well and to catch up on what you have been doing.
    Steph xo