Friday, February 1, 2008

My Little Man started school this week.  Wow!

He is so very ready, and had no anxiety about going.  He actually asked every other day throughout January, when the 'end of January' was.  He looks very cute in his uniform, and has taken it all in his stride.  He is even very happy to sit down and do his homework.  Which I might add...I totally enjoy.  This is what I know how to do!  It is so exciting watching your child be so eager to learn how to read.  It is all he wants to get from school ATM.

Just before School started My DH took a few days off work ( just after he returned from holidays ( lucky me) and stayed with the kids for 3 days while I went to my sisters and had some time to scrap, and be without children for a few days ( well, my children, she has two of her own!)  It was lovely....

I have just bought a binding machine, the cute little scrapbooking pink one!  I have a big one, but this one has more flexibility on where you punch the holes.  I love it, and have made several albums already ( all given away so far....) But I have gotten through quite a few pages of mine, titled "The Daily Grind"  Have a look.....Coverweb                                            Page1


Hotdiggity HotdogsHotdogclose

Lifeiswhatyoumakeit Funnylunch Mumsdailyessentials Shecreates1


Play Playwithabandon

Thats it so far.  It was fun!  Ran out of photos!!  Need to take more of daily stuff that has to be done around here.  On a slightly different note...Finally my DH has taken an interest in cameras.  I bought mine quite a while ago now, and love it,  But the megapixels leave a bit to be desired compared to cameras these days, and is only a 4.  I must say though, it has been a fabulous camera ( Panasonic FZ10 as close to an SLR as can be without being one) I have been really happy with the quality.  In saying all that though, DH actually has a very good understanding of photography and had a film SLR back in the day, but took no interest in taking photos when I got into scrapping.  Very annoying.  Now he is all interested in the new Canon that has just been released in the US.  While yes, it does mean I will have no idea how to take a general photo, after being the sole photographer in our does however, mean he may take an interest in what I do, and give me material to work on! (I may even be in it for a change!)  He goes for another work trip to the US in April, so maybe around then, we will have a few more megapixels up our sleeves!

Well..I have been on an organising, sorting and decluttering mission throughout January, and man am I on fire.  I threw out everything I don't need or use, especially in the kitchen, linen closet, main WIR and kids wardrobes.  I just have the downstairs room to do.....and she's a doozie!  Not at all looking forward to that one.  It is a guest room/storage/ & remainder of when it was my scrapping room, room.....whoo hoo!  It will take some time, and make a huge mess in the process.  It will be nice when it is done though.  Then I just need to sell some baby stuff and a sofa bed futon lounge and all the stuff we don't need will be gone!!!  Looking forward to that!

Must go....TFL

Lydell x

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  1. he, he, he, you do know that selling your baby stuff is the sure way of making sure that you will have another baby!!! he, he, he!!!!!