Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How time flies....

It is June already.  Man this year is going quick.  I feel it is going so fast because the year is being broken up into terms for school.  The terms go so quick!  This is the middle of Denver's 2nd term in school..and he is loving it.  He has changed so much.  A real little man now.  He is more independant, and loves to read!  He reads and spells out everything!  "Do you want some of this in your lunch denver?"   "Y-E-S  P-L-EE-S Mum!"  Too cute!

I have been doing a bit lately on the scrapping front...Most recently a bunch of things for classes.

A new card set

Untitled1_2  Cardset

Pages Tin A Little tin set, which turned out very cute.

There is also an art LO class using Paint, masking fluid, texture paste, mod podge and the like....That is nearly done, I just have to take some photos of them.

The Home series class is also on it's way.  Its a series of 3 classes, with lots of extras, ideas and motivation sent via e-mail before the classes.  There are OTP  projects and Layouts in this one.

These are all available through Scrapbook Station, and some will be available as kits if people can't make classes.

The latest thing I have been working on is designing some brushes and stamps in Photoshop using my wacom tablet.....I have been having so much fun.  It is very time consuming, but satisfying!  I have also been designing printed papers and elements to print out and use on my layouts....I have also been incorporating them into a couple of my classes.

Well it appears as if typepad will not let me upload anymore pics at this present time.......  Will not co-operate....

My DH is away again, just a couple of nights this time,  He got back from America about 3 weeks ago, which was a much longer stint.  I never like it!  The kids hate it.  But we survived.

Well should go and get the cherubs in bed....They are having a bit of a treat and staying up a little longer tonight due to Daddy being away....It eases the dissatisfaction a little!!!  Mazzie is most affected these Days....She is still reacting badly when John goes to the shops without her after the america trip.

STOOPIT AMEWICA she calls it, the other one is STINKY PERS, which is where Daddy is for a coupkle of days now (Perth that is!!!)  Is the tears weren't falling it would be quite humurous.  Anyway.....

Bye for now!

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  1. Hey you updated!!! I love your little tin so much!! It is just so very cute.