Friday, December 5, 2008

This is what I do it seems....I get all organised and am slightly better at blogging,  then something happens ( such as a housewide epidemic) and I loose my rhythm....With everything.  I did get really good at bulk cooking (saving me oodles of time)....I got on top of the washing and cleaning,  I knew where all the paperwork was,  I was on top of my scrapping....I was organised....then we all got sick....for a long time (for 12 weeks we all had something)  and I did not blog, or cook, or be on top of anything!  But It's coming back to me.....

.....Just in time for the holidays.

Anyway....I did not scrap.

Then yesterday I did a LO......not for a class, for Moi!  Have a little look. 

Laundryweb Journaling reads.....

"Laundry is work!  It's keeps coming and never seems to diminish, I don't love it!  But I came across a ladies blog once and her perspective on laundry and all those thankless household duties ( that are required of a stay at home mum with a busy family to care for) changed my view of my home occupation.  She was talking about 'loving' all these duties (Maybe love is a little extreme....) because it reminded her she was alive with a beautiful little family....I get that!  The loads of laundry and the mountains of folded clothes ever awaiting placement in someones wardrobe, is a prime example of realising how lucky I am to have what I have.  My beloved family.  Now laundry is actually not-so-bad!"


Yay....It felt good. 

Oh...and meet the newest member of our family  (just today new, he has no name!)

Kitty-018   Kitty-028

He's cute.....and very playful!  Mykenzie is in her element....Denver is still at school, so will get a big surprise when he gets home.....So will John!!!   hehehe [insert evil laugh here]

Anyway.....there is some meowing coming from afar, so I had better rescue a small cat, from a small girl!

You watch me do another post soon!   ( .....I am on a roll I told you!)


  1. What a cute moggie! I want to cuddle him! Great to see you scrapping!

  2. Hey there i hope that you had a great xmas and have a lovely new year too. take care Kerry xx