Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Scrapping slump is no longer....well so far!  I did two today....finished one from yesterday and started and finished another.   This is not usually me.  Usually they can sit on my desk amid a nasty mess (as you can not put stuff away mid project!) for days!


I printed these photos ages ago, and had done nothing with them.  They were of nothing in particular, just a time when the camera was clicking away.....Then I actually looked at the photos taken when DS was about 3 and I realised they told so much more than just the drawing event.....I noticed the bangage on his arm and that grin he used to do when ever you asked him to smile for a photo!  So I journalled on these things most....amazing what a simple photo, of nothing in particular, can remind you of. 

I wrapped wire around my supatack blue bottle ,then wrapped the coil with feally fine wire to hold it together.  I mounted that on some paper, cut out felt hearts and 'buttons' then blanket stitched around each.


The next one is something Mazzie said a couple of days ago.  We thought it was funny!  She is doing this a lot lately....makes us laugh at the things she says, that she thinks is 'exactly-how-you-say-it'!!


This one uses some damask paper Janine found somewhere in her travels (and she gave me a bit!!!......It is flocked mmmm!) I am not one for digital scrapping...(more so for the fact I have no idea how!!!) but I do use photoshop a I manipulated the photos of this particular 'mudpie' and printed them out as one.  Almost digital scrapping...(baby steps!)  I like Layouts that record something I know will be forgotten if not written down, and this certainly qualifies.

Oh well I created today...that does me good!

Now I should go and clean!


  1. Well great looking blog. maybe you could show me how to do it all again, got no idea what to do. Great scrapping too. Would love to go and photograph mine and send, but I have a yelly belly that won't leave my side, and wont STOP YELLING and won't be happy doing anything I set up. And I still have to cook for tea and tomorrow, and finish packing.
    Poor little boy, should go sit and give him a cuddle.

  2. I absolutely love the wook its a Mudpie LO!! and I have to see it IRL as I know the flocked paper is absoloutely lost in the scan. Glad you are scrapping!

  3. Well it is great to see you scrapping and blooging again Lydell.Thanks for the great class too.take care Kerry xx

  4. Hi Lydell, lovely LO and nice to check in and see what you're up to. I keep writing down things that Madison says, but then I forget to do anything with it. So good on you for keeping it and remembering it, and then scrapping it. Perfect. x

  5. Hey.....your blogging slump is still in progress though!!! LOL!! I keep checking, but......well I can keep hoping for some new LO's here!

  6. Waiting....waiting....waiting....for an update!! LOL!!!!