Thursday, April 30, 2009

A few weeks worth......

OK......Creative stuff first!!!!

Colour combo # 116 for Colorcombos Galore



ColorComboChallenge117   #117

CCG#117-Lydell Quin

Possibly 119 #119


ColorComboChallenge120 #120


After googling "making your own flowers" and seeing several examples online of a japanese form of flower making with fabric....which I tried with paper ( not used on this page though- but very cute....I will share that later) I made the flowers here, (with exception to the centre darker pink ones, and the leaves.....they were a cheap shop bouquet I pulled apart) 

I made the tiny roses from toilet paper ( LOL)Well -it was nice and soft and fibrous, and the tissues were in the car!!!  I used a quilling tool for those and the small yellow flowers.

The large pink ones....were cut out of a scallop punch and trimmed into flowers with a few well placed snips with scissors,  I made the stamens by balling up toilet paper on the end of the off cut wire from some bought craft flowers and coating with white glue, The tiny flowers are a tiny flower puch and some of thise afore mentioned snips with scissors....with a pearl in the centre....They look very similar to the tiny flowers you can is amazing what you can glean from the net, and get ideas from

And yesterdays effort......I am quite happy with how this turned out!


I cut out letters from Chipboard, painted them brown, covered them with dimensional fluid, wrote 'Quin' on the wall and glued my letters on top.  Worked quite well.

OK.....I think that is about it for the moment....I have some cleaning to do before I get creative again!  I am cleaning out my dining room/craft/scrapbooking cupboards!!  Huge job, and the dining table is covered!!!!  I conveniently left that out of the above photo!!! i am Maybe a coffee first though?


  1. Wow you finay updated lol great pages and how good does that wall look.take care Kerry xx

  2. You just took that last pic to prove that it can all be clean and tidy of scrap works in progress!!! Love all your LO's and the wall art looks great. Hope you managed to get all the tidying finished before bedtime!! LOL!!

  3. Lovely to see an update again... looks like you've been very busy in the creative department. Love your "House of Quin". Awesome idea! You're so very, very clever... xx