Saturday, May 9, 2009

Here we go again.....

We are on our own again for a fortnight.  DH is on a business trip again.  It happens at least once a year, for the longer trips....and I HATE it!  But we will survive!  Even if it is with just a shred of sanity left we always make it.  Both kids have got something 'on' this time.  Denver has school and Mazzie for the first time has kindy, so this will break the monotony a little I guess.  The start is always hard....I have to get into the 'mode' which takes a couple of days....This time has been the worst for me.  I have been anticipating for a week before.  To date...these trips have always brought some sort of crisis I have had to deal with on my own... My back went one trip, and I could not walk let alone lift a crying baby out of her cot.  My parents had to make an emergency trip down and Mum had to stay for a week until I could walk upright again.  Another time Denver got croup really badly and I had to make a trip to Accident and Emergency at 2 am...ewww.  I don't gererally go out in the middle of the night with two small children.  Another trip, the last one actually, and another emergency, I found my beloved old boy (dog) down a ditch under the deck and unable to walk, so I had to carry/drag a HUGE dog up the ramp to the the back door and pay hundreds to get a vet out, then another couple to get him put to sleep.  That would normally have been DH's job.....It was quite hideous, and extremely unfortunate that it had to happen when John was away.....Then mixed with the emotional drain of having children who don't understand and 'lose' it when their dad is away....Denver in particular has struggled majorly with this since he was very little.  It is heartbreaking.....and immensly difficult, as he gets very frustrated and has quite a little temper, and challenges my every instruction.  He is a little older this time and hopefully I can talk with him about how he is feeling a bit more this time.....It started last night already....he lost the plot and there was yelling and screaming and gnashing of teeth before we finally calmed him a little long enough for him to sprout "I hate this...why does Daddy have to go...this is gonna be the worst two weeks in the world" .....(Said complete with furrowed brow and stamping of foot...)  Poor kid.  Mazzie cried inconsolably for an hour one time J was away, after speaking with Daddy on the phone and would not let me hang the receiver up...Like I said....heartbreaking!  Anyway.....he left just a while it is finally underway....I can stop anticipating....and just do it....

So this is my last Color Combos challenge.  #121


Pretty huh? this was mine....



It was nice actually, because I was running late, and racing against the clock to get it in on time, I did this LO from start to just a few hours.  Rare for me!  Usually there are so many little distractions, that it sits for a while and I add or take every time I walk past!   The next one is due even though DH is away.....on Mothers day.....I will scrap..... and again start AND finish a LO to make the deadline of 5pm.....cause I have left it late again!!!!

Well....that about covers the way it is today.....Be back soon!


  1. She is not Short or stout! :-)

  2. Hi Lydell i sure do know how you feel as Mikayla does this to me too.cOL IS AWAY AT LEAST ONE WEEK A MONTH IF NOT TWO WEEKS A MONTH .sOME DAYS SHE IS A NIGHT MARE.And other times she is good but when he comes home she is worse she wants his full attention the he gets tired and grumpy they both drive me crazy lol.Anyway hope that you cope okay.Taje care Kerry xx

  3. I know how you feel Lydell with John being away. You poor love. It's hard keeping it all together with just you and the kids without a break.
    Try to stay positive and keep a routine in place. Remember, the kids will pick up the vibe if you hate DH being away. So, here's where you get to win an Academy Award for Best Actress... I try to count down the sleeps with Madison as well as let him know what is happening the next day. Look for highlights and things to do to keep them interested. I think that two weeks is forever for a child.
    All the best... xx

  4. Hang in there! Give me a call if you need I am only 5 mins away!!